Video Recording

Video recording on the OnePlus 7 Pro is a bit more disappointing that what you’d expect the phone to be capable of. The core issue first and foremost is the fact that currently video recording is only possible on the main camera sensor. There are some ways to switch over to the wide-angle, however this is not supported by default in camera applications.

EIS is engaged for the 1080p30 and 4K30 recording modes only, and there’s some issues with the implementation. First of all in the 1080p video above we see that it takes 2 seconds for the EIS to actually engage at the beginning of the video which is something I hadn’t seen in a phone before. Secondly, in the 4K30 video also towards the beginning when walking underneath the tree canopy we can see some severe stabilisation jitter / artefacts. These are in fact also present in the original video files and are not a side-effect of YouTube compression, meaning it’s a side-effect of the EIS implementation.

The 60fps capture modes don’t use EIS. The 4K60 footage in particular quite outstanding even though it’s quite shaky. The issue with this mode is that OnePlus went completely overkill in terms of the encoding bitrate. At a whopping 160Mbps the H.264 stream takes up 1.6GB of storage space for 84 seconds of footage, and OnePlus doesn’t offer H.265 to reduce the storage requirements.

Overall, I was very disappointed with the video recording ability of the OP7Pro as there’s evident major flaws in its implementation. I wish that at least OnePlus would enable the other camera modules, as in effect they’re useless in video recording. Let’s not go into the fact there’s a lack of any kind of higher dynamic range recording, let it be HDR to SDR file capture or even outright native HDR recording.

Speaker Evaluation

The OnePlus 7 Pro is the company’s first phone (along with the regular OP7) that features stereo speaker playback. Speaker audio quality is something OnePlus has suffered for a few generations, at best landing at something average and adequate, but not sufficient to compete with the higher-end devices from the competition.

The new OP7Pro features both a redesigned main speaker as well as introducing a eapiece speaker capable of stereo playback.

First of all, let’s investigate the device’s loudness:

Speaker Loudness

The OnePlus 7 Pro does get quite loud, but what’s more important here is that the phone's frontal directionality has improved significantly compared to the OnePlus 6/6T. This was something that the predecessors suffered from especially, and just putting your thumb/palm on the speaker grill would almost completely mute the phone.

Another improvement in this regard is that OnePlus has moved the main speaker grill from the left side to the right side of the phone. In landscape mode the company noticed that the vast majority of users turn the phone 90° counter-clockwise. This new change thus helps against muffing the speaker grill in your right palm.

Speaker Stereo Separation

Whilst the new earpiece serves as a stereo speaker, the problem is that the main speaker is still overwhelmingly louder and there’s still very much a bias towards the right side when listening to audio in landscape.

The main reason for this is that the earpiece speaker has a much more limited frequency range than the main speaker, and thus sounds significantly quieter than stereo speaker setups from the competition.

In terms of the frequency range between the 7Pro, 6T and the S10+, OnePlus has definitely made some large improvements and the 7Pro sounds leagues better than its predecessor. It’s not quite as good as what Samsung is able to offer, particularly there’s a disadvantage in the bass, lower mid-range as well as the higher trebles frequencies, so the phone definitely doesn’t sound as full or clear. Still, it’s a good speaker setup, even though not quite top of the line.

No headphone jack, no 3.5mm dongle, no headphones?

I’ve dreaded the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack on the 6T, especially since OnePlus did nothing with the freed up internal space in that design (Seeming this also applies to the regular OnePlus 7). With the 7Pro, the issue I have is that OnePlus doesn’t even offer a dongle anymore after one half-generation, nor does the company give you any bundled headphones at all.

I understand that the company is heavily promoting its own audio accessories, but we’re not in the same situation as Apple which included the 3.5mm adapter for several years before finally dropping it from the package. It’s quite the anti-consumer move.

Camera - Low Light Evaluation Conclusion & End Remarks


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  • hadrons - Wednesday, June 19, 2019 - link

    Currently great camera is a huge factor for premium phones and one plus has not been up to the big players for a long time, but still somehow people rate this phone better than a pixel phone. Every other Android manufacturers either lag behind or totally behind security or software updates and one plus is one among them. On a daily end user level scale, one plus is only as fast as the SOC and the Android version in it. Price is the only factor that I find some advantage in buying one plus. Reply
  • 1_rick - Wednesday, June 19, 2019 - link

    Not only that, but $670 for the base model (I'm only considering the Pro as you "can't get" the 7 in the US) is hardly a "flagship killer". That honor would more properly belong to something like the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, at $470 on AliExpress. Reply
  • MrSpadge - Wednesday, June 19, 2019 - link

    ... or the Mi9, starting at 400€ in Germany (equivalent to ~400$ in the US). Reply
  • ilaicohen - Saturday, July 27, 2019 - link

    Wth guys you can just download the Gcam and there you go, a better camera. And just saying, the camera isn't as bad as everyone says. Actually, it's pretty great. And about the price, it's half the price of the iPhone XS Max (with tax) so yea. It's a flagship killer. So cut off the bullshyt and go get yourself a OnePlus 7 Pro. Reply
  • badbanana - Tuesday, June 25, 2019 - link

    i don't get this "..should have a better camera" thing. most users can't even tell what "f/2.0 lens" mean. for me, as long as it takes a clear photo, without the shakes then it's a "better" camera.

    i've owned every Samsung (for once never got any software updates) flagship since the S3 came out and found that OnePlus gets software updates whenever it's available.
  • systemBuilder - Friday, July 19, 2019 - link

    I have a OnePlus 6T. The camera beats and iPhone 6S in dxomark. For me, that's "Good Enough". Freaking out over a compromise camera (cellphone cameras are ALWAYS compromise cameras) just shows that the reviewer has no perspective on life. I enjoy the on-screen fingerprint reader, the fantastic battery life, and the generous RAM & Flash Storage and the OLED screen, all at a great price. Reply
  • johansyren - Tuesday, November 10, 2020 - link

    As someone who switched from a wireless charging phone to a OnePlus with insanely fast Dash charging, I genuinely prefer the later. I just don’t have to worry about charging my phone anymore. I’ve been on this phone for 1.5 years now and I’m still in awe every time I charge it because of it’s speed.
    I read about it at
    Most of the time I plug it in when I’m getting ready to head out and in 10 minutes it charges up to a point that I don’t need to worry about battery throughout the day. Wireless charging would be a nice bonus, but considering how slow it used to be comparatively, I’d still never actually use it.
  • Roy2002 - Wednesday, June 19, 2019 - link

    It is a great phone, wish it has better cameras. Reply
  • XabanakFanatik - Wednesday, June 19, 2019 - link

    No mention of the terrible stuttering when the phone is in 90Hz mode and you play a 60FPS video? OnePlus claims the display's refresh rate is adaptive to the content yet it cannot smoothly "adapt" to play a 60FPS video.

    By far the biggest complaint I have with the phone - If I want to watch a 60FPS video without terrible stutter, I have to go to the options and switch the display to 60Hz mode before, then switch it back to 90Hz mode after.
  • Xinn3r - Wednesday, June 19, 2019 - link

    Now that's a deal breaker Reply

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