Weeks ago, SiS introduced their SiS 655FX chipset to a rather uninterested crowd of enthusiasts who were already immersed with the latest 865PE and 875P motherboards. Understandably so, motherboard makers haven’t been too keen on the SiS 655FX because of Intel’s great success with the 865PE and 875P chipsets in the enthusiast market (though, Intel obviously didn’t have any competitors, until now that is).

However, if there’s one thing SiS has always been good at, it’s been introducing products with great price/performance. The SiS 655FX chipset, thankfully, is no different. The Gigabyte 8S655FX Ultra is absolutely packed to the brim with onboard features, making it a high-end motherboard. But one characteristic that the 8S655FX Ultra doesn’t carry as a high-end motherboard is a high price; the 8S655FX Ultra’s retail price rivals that of low-end value motherboards, such as the ABIT IS7-E and IS7.

Read on to find out why you will love, and why you may even hate, this high-end motherboard with a value level price tag.

First Look at SiS 655FX Chipset


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    Error on page 7 (too high FSB speeds):

    In addition, we ran several other tasks: data compression, various DX8 and DX9 games, and apps, like Word and Excel. Moreover, Prime95 was running in the background. Finally, we ran our benchmark suite, which includes ZD Winstone suite, Unreal Tournament 2003, SPECViewperf 7.0, and Gun Metal Benchmark 2. While we were able to boot and run some tests at speeds as high as 287MHz FSB and at default voltage on the Gigabyte 8S655FX Ultra, 262MHz was the highest achievable overclock attainable without encountering any reliability issues.

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