Last month DFI introduced their new series of high-end motherboards targeted at enthusiasts, gamers and high-end users in general. They dubbed this new series of motherboards the “LAN Party” series. It became clear after meeting with DFI last month at E3 that DFI wants to take a good portion of their desktop motherboard lineup and market them to power users.

Power users inevitably spend more on motherboards than budget users or middle range users, which is one big reason DFI is targeting this market (of course, high-priced motherboards mean nothing to manufacturers if they’re production costs are too high). Now the only problem is volume, so DFI needs to sell as many of these LAN Party boards as possible.

This is why DFI has sent us their PRO875 LAN Party board. Find out just how serious DFI is about producing power motherboards with the “LAN Party” series, and why it truly is targeted at LAN parties, among other things...

DFI PRO875: Basic Features
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