AnandTech Forums Database Performance

With hundreds of users always logged on and thousands more just browsing the forums, the AnandTech Forums database gets a full workout. Now with over 111,000 registered users it has become a difficult task making sure our upgrade cycles keep up with the growth of the forums.

All of the systems featured in the chart below are 2-way setups, using identical hardware where possible.

AnandTech Forums Database Performance
Transactions per Second
AMD Opteron 244 (1.80GHz)

AMD Athlon MP 2400+ (2.00GHz)

Intel Xeon 2.80GHz

AMD Opteron 242 (1.60GHz)

AMD Opteron 240 (1.40GHz)







The Athlon MP has historically done extremely well in our Forums DB performance test and the trend continues here, giving even the Opteron 244 a run for the money. The Opteron 244 does manage to come out on top, by a very small performance margin. A 3.06GHz Xeon would most likely tie the Opteron 244 for the performance lead, however everything above the Opteron 242 pretty much exhibits identical levels of performance.

The AnandTech Forums DB trace is a prime example of a well balanced database, where the performance isn't overly dependent on any one aspect of the server's architecture. Here we see that CPU speed does help but is far from the determining factor in the overall performance of the platform.

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