Quick Look

Cooler Master ATC-201A

The Good

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+ 1.0mm Aluminum Chassis
+ Slick Finish
+ Front Panel USB
+ Thumbscrews
+ 100mm Air Guide

The Bad

- Expensive
- Some sharp edges

Quite recently computers have started looking as good as the equipment in them. Aluminum dominates the high end case industry as the predominate material for production. Cooler Master recently sent us a case as an update to their ATCS value series enthusiast cases. The ATC-201A is the product of the Cooler Master adaptation of an Intel reference design, hence the P4 3.2+ GHz rating.  With this joint venture there are several additions to the original ATC-201, which make this case distinguish itself from its predecessor.

The ATC-201A is Cooler Master's latest addition to their Active Thermal Convective System line of cases, which basically Cooler Master's denotation of heat dissipation through the entire aluminum structure.  Two days ago we took a look at the Ahanix dBox, a case known for its innovative LED panel.  Today we are taking a look at a different approach to high end case design with Cooler Master’s high performance chasis.


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