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Since 1997 AnandTech has led the field in concise, timely, hard-hitting news and information from the PC/IT technology industry. Monthly AnandTech sends tens of millions of pages to our readership of millions of professionals and technology enthusiasts. AnandTech readers visit regularly to stay abreast of our dynamic industry and marketplace. Our readership is predominately that hard to reach 18 to 35 year old male in the technology industry.

With exposure at AnandTech, you too will keep your products, services, and technologies at the forefront of a vast and qualified audience. Advertising packages are custom-designed by our team of consultants, and may include banner impressions, text messages, special forum postings, and other forms of online advertising.

AnandTech is aimed to fit your needs, and as a result, AnandTech advertisers enjoy substantial branding opportunities and may see click-through rates well in excess of the average.

When it comes to computer hardware and peripherals, AnandTech’s number one priority is providing loyal readers with the best reviews, editorials, articles, and general information. Since our expert content is so up-to-date and highly prized by such a large audience, you’ll rest assured that your advertising dollars will return both buyers and value.

Let our team work with you to find just the right mix of coverage at award-winning For specific pricing information, please contact us at 775-852-5974 or email us your request. Please be as detailed as possible as to your requirements. We’ll create an affordable, tailored advertising program just for you. If you would like to talk to someone immediately please call 775-852-5974 or email us.

AnandTech reserves the right to refuse any advertisement offer or creative.

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