02:20PM EDT - Thanks for reading, everyone

02:20PM EDT - And we're done here. Heading over for hands-on time

02:19PM EDT - Thanking the hardware and software teams

02:18PM EDT - Products that are great apart or used together, taking advantage of being the hardware and OS designer

02:17PM EDT - Tim's back to summarize things

02:17PM EDT - R9 M295X is new; have not seen it before

02:17PM EDT - R9 M290X is Pitcairn. Comparable to Radeon HD 7870

02:16PM EDT - $499

02:15PM EDT - Haswell with GT3 graphics. PCIe flash storage

02:14PM EDT - Mac Mini is finally getting an update

02:14PM EDT - Shipping today

02:14PM EDT - Still no SSD standard

02:13PM EDT - Starts at $2499

02:13PM EDT - Thunderbolt 2 also present

02:13PM EDT - GPUs are AMD Radeon R9 M290 and M295

02:12PM EDT - CPUs are Intel

02:12PM EDT - DisplayPort technically doesn't have enough bandwidth over a single link

02:12PM EDT - That said it's not clear if Apple is using multiple tiles here or not

02:11PM EDT - We only now have single tile 4K TCONs, never mind 5K

02:11PM EDT - TCONs have been an issue for HiDP dispkays since they first reached the desktop

02:10PM EDT - This is very likely to be the same panel as in the recently announced Dell 5K monitor: http://www.anandtech.com/show/8496/dell-previews-27inch-5k-ultrasharp-monitor-5120x2880

02:09PM EDT - Video time again

02:08PM EDT - Reduced power consumption and improved off-axis contrast as well

02:07PM EDT - Apple made their own Timing Controller (TCON) for this iMac

02:07PM EDT - Comparing pixel counts to other kinds of devices. TVs, movies, etc

02:06PM EDT - Calling it the "Retina 5K Display"

02:06PM EDT - 27". 5120x2880 pixels. 14.7Mpixels

02:05PM EDT - iMac with Retina Display

02:04PM EDT - Time for a video

02:04PM EDT - Retina Display discussion

02:04PM EDT - Recapping Mac division successes so far

02:03PM EDT - Switching gears to the Mac

02:02PM EDT - Shipping next week

02:02PM EDT - Pre-orders open tomorrow

02:02PM EDT - Apple has never offered so many models before

02:02PM EDT - iPad Mini, Mini 2, and Air (1) are going to continue to be sold at lower prices

02:01PM EDT - Also being announced is iPad Mini 3

02:01PM EDT - Pricing: $499/$599/$699 for 16GB/64GB/128GB Wifi

01:59PM EDT - Phil is back for the recap

01:58PM EDT - Metal was deisnged for compute as well as graphics, so it's cool to see it being used for compute

01:57PM EDT - GPU compute: Replay uses Metal API to do computer vision

01:56PM EDT - More CPU cores? More GPU cores? More cache? Different ISP?

01:56PM EDT - I'm really curious where those extra billion transistors went

01:55PM EDT - Pixelmator is 2x faster on iPad AIr 2

01:53PM EDT - First up: Pixelmator

01:53PM EDT - App demo time

01:53PM EDT - Ships with iOS 8.1

01:53PM EDT - This means you can use Apple Pay on the iPad Air 2, specifically for online shopping

01:52PM EDT - Finally on iPad: TouchID

01:51PM EDT - New LTE chip; faster with more bands. Likely the same out of iPhone 6

01:51PM EDT - Front camera: single shot HDR

01:51PM EDT - And dual microphones to go with those videos

01:50PM EDT - Can also do slow mo 120fps recording

01:49PM EDT - Can now do burst mode and time lapse

01:49PM EDT - 43MP panorams

01:48PM EDT - Now demonstrating the new camera wth untouched photos

01:48PM EDT - New 8MP iSight camera

01:47PM EDT - Now discussing iPad camera

01:46PM EDT - 10 hour battery life

01:46PM EDT - Significantly more transistors than A8. ~3B vs. ~2B

01:45PM EDT - Performance comparisons are against A7 in iPad Air (1)

01:45PM EDT - SoC: A8X

01:44PM EDT - 56% lower reflectivity

01:44PM EDT - And a new anti-reflective coating

01:44PM EDT - Optical bonding fo screen to reduce thickness

01:43PM EDT - 18% thinner.World's thinnest tablet

01:42PM EDT - 6.1mm thin

01:42PM EDT - Phil Schiller now on stage

01:41PM EDT - iPad Air 2

01:41PM EDT - We're about to find out

01:41PM EDT - When you make the best tablet in he world, how do you make it better?

01:39PM EDT - High consumer satisfaction for both iPad models

01:39PM EDT - Comparing it to PC sales, though price differences make that a stretch

01:38PM EDT - 225 Million iPads sold

01:37PM EDT - Recapping the advancement of iPad so far. New technologies, new uses

01:36PM EDT - iPad

01:36PM EDT - Back to Tim

01:35PM EDT - iWork: Today, update is free

01:35PM EDT - 8.1: Monday

01:35PM EDT - Yosemite: out today

01:35PM EDT - With controls via an Apple Watcb

01:34PM EDT - Using Continuity to play it off of an Apple TV

01:34PM EDT - Cut to a recorded skit about ecrecy at Apple

01:33PM EDT - And done

01:32PM EDT - Last minute zinger about the Apple Watch not being out

01:32PM EDT - Bantering back and forth about Stephen's "title" as Chief of Secrecy at Apple

01:31PM EDT - Stephen the character, not the individual

01:30PM EDT - Calling up Stephen Colbert

01:29PM EDT - Apple is very mindful of their situation Their theme: a humorous take on stopping leaks

01:28PM EDT - Showcasing how he's able to use the iPad and iPhone together via Continuity

01:26PM EDT - Continuity demo on stage

01:25PM EDT - And of course Continuity

01:25PM EDT - iCloud for syncing data, AirDrop, AirPlay

01:24PM EDT - Now on to how the two OSes work together

01:23PM EDT - iWork updates coming in Yosemite as well

01:22PM EDT - Safari should bring better battery life through lower CPU usage

01:20PM EDT - Largely a recap of what Apple first annonced back at WWDC 2014

01:20PM EDT - Switching gears to Yosemite

01:20PM EDT - Photos synced across all devices using iCloud

01:19PM EDT - Camera roll will be back, along with a new feature called iCloud Photo Library

01:19PM EDT - Apple says they have been listening to user feedback on iOS 8

01:18PM EDT - Up now: iOS 8.1

01:17PM EDT - Swift apps are already showing up in the App Store

01:16PM EDT - Now the benefts of new APIs such as HealthKit and Metal

01:15PM EDT - Apple has seen quick adoption of iOS 8 extension and sharing features

01:13PM EDT - Though other ources indicate it's lower thna iOS 7

01:13PM EDT - Touting iOS 8 adoption rate

01:11PM EDT - First up: operating system news. iOS 8 and Yosemite

01:11PM EDT - Now on to the new announements

01:11PM EDT - Confirming availability of Apple Watch next year

01:10PM EDT - New SDK for Apple Watch: WatchKit

01:09PM EDT - Now on to Apple Watch

01:08PM EDT - Apple Pay launches on Monday

01:07PM EDT - Well supported; have lined up even more banks and retailers

01:06PM EDT - Up next: Apple Pay

01:06PM EDT - "Biggest iPhone launch ever"

01:06PM EDT - Launching today: China

01:05PM EDT - Greatest first month iPhone sales ever

01:04PM EDT - Tim is recaping the launch of the iPhone 6, the critical response, and the high sales volume

01:03PM EDT - And right on cue

01:03PM EDT - Tim Cook has been spotted walking in and is expected to speak

01:02PM EDT - Preview video to warm up the crowd

01:01PM EDT - Here we go

01:01PM EDT - For the iMac, HiDPI panels are a good bet, as those are now regularly available in stand-alone displays

01:00PM EDT - For the iPad Apple of course has their new A8 SoC

12:59PM EDT - We're expecting news on the iPad and iMac, especially in light of Apple's own accidental manual release yesterday

12:59PM EDT - The presentation should kick off in a few minutes

12:58PM EDT - We're here at Apple's October 2014 event



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  • techconc - Friday, October 17, 2014 - link

    What one developer chose to do is not necessarily representative of what the technology is capable of. Reply
  • edsib1 - Thursday, October 16, 2014 - link

    This tech events have become a bore - nothing "new" comes out of them - everything is just a slight update on last years.

    They should change the venue to Yawnsville, Tennessee
  • Intervenator - Thursday, October 16, 2014 - link

    01:41PM EDT - iPad Air 2

    NO WAY
  • AnandTechUser99 - Thursday, October 16, 2014 - link

    "18% thinner.World's thinnest tablet"

    The Dell Venue 8 7000 is 6.0 mm thick, so I don't think that claim is appropriate (not that it really matters).
  • Khato - Thursday, October 16, 2014 - link

    Indeed. Journalists need to call Apple out on it though rather than repeating it.

    Of course Apple would probably claim that the Dell Value 8 7000 is not yet available... but that merely puts it in the same category as the iPad Air 2 - announced but not yet released.
  • solipsism - Sunday, October 19, 2014 - link

    If the Dell Venue 8 7000 ships before the iPad Air 2 then you have a point, but we know it's not. Do they even have a ship date yet? Last time I checked Dell simply said, "Coming Soon." Reply
  • Achtung_BG - Thursday, October 16, 2014 - link

    Apple A8X vs Nvidia Tegra DK1 is very intrasting comaprison. I wait for die shot from Chipworks :) Reply
  • aoshiryaev - Thursday, October 16, 2014 - link

    I wonder if it will run in Target Display Mode with 2013 MBA. If it will, it's an instant buy. Not at native resolution, of course, but still. Reply
  • ddarko - Thursday, October 16, 2014 - link

    I didn't think Apple would pull the trigger on 5120x2880 panel, thought it would be "regular" 4k. Lots of question whether this will run anything smoothly other than a cursor moving across the screen but props to them. And they ship TODAY while the Dell 5k monitor announced a month and a half ago is still MIA. Color me impressed. Reply
  • Qwertilot - Thursday, October 16, 2014 - link

    Well, it probably explains why the Dell has gone MIA :) Reply

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