09:55AM PDT - Brian and I are seated in Apple's Town Hall at the Cupertino campus

09:55AM PDT - Brian is on photos, chiming in with his usual excellent analysis - I'll be on text today

09:56AM PDT - First, the obligatory speed test on Apple's WiFi

09:57AM PDT - 55.22Mbps down, 63.2Mbps up: http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/2957576268

09:57AM PDT - and 5GHz as always

09:57AM PDT - Al Gore is here again

09:58AM PDT - A shot of Brian and I from Engadget's live coverage: http://www.blogcdn.com/www.engadget.com/media/2013/09/wp20130910093525pro.jpg

10:00AM PDT - Music stopped, event is about to begin

10:01AM PDT - Tim Cook just took the stage

10:01AM PDT - This is our first time at Apple's Town Hall - the venue is much smaller and more intimate than previous Apple events

10:01AM PDT - "Really excited to show you a few things this morning that we're really proud of"

10:01AM PDT - "Few things" as in more than just two phones? :)

10:01AM PDT - Recapping the iTunes festival

10:02AM PDT - "7th year in a row we've been running the festival"

10:02AM PDT - 30 nights of live performances in London

10:02AM PDT - iTunes festival is free

10:02AM PDT - That's pretty cool I didn't know that

10:03AM PDT - 20 million people applied for tickets

10:03AM PDT - "it's like an opening weekend for a product"

10:03AM PDT - We're live streaming the concerns to over 100 countries

10:03AM PDT - Playing a video of the concerts

10:04AM PDT - If you're just tuning in, no new hardware stuff yet - just recapping the iTunes festival

10:06AM PDT - Now on to retail

10:07AM PDT - Talking about new Apple store close by

10:08AM PDT - We've been hard at work on completing iOS 7

10:08AM PDT - Next month we will ship the 700 millionth iOS device

10:08AM PDT - "iOS 7 will quickly become the world's most popular mobile OS"

10:08AM PDT - Craig taking the stage to talk about iOS 7

10:09AM PDT - I wonder if Apple chooses Town Hall as its venue for updates that are more silicon focused rather than big device changes

10:09AM PDT - Talking about the iOS 7 lock screen

10:09AM PDT - Big focus on animations and new icon style in iOS 7

10:10AM PDT - Talking about the iOS 7 parallax effect

10:10AM PDT - iOS 7 learns when and where you commute, learns where you need to go and how long it'll take to get there

10:10AM PDT - Analogous to what Google does in Google Now these days

10:11AM PDT - Now talking about new weather app and styling for iOS 7 apps

10:11AM PDT - ...and new multitasking UI

10:11AM PDT - We went over all of this in our WWDC coverage earlier this year

10:11AM PDT - iOS 7 is definitely an updated face on the OS

10:11AM PDT - Demonstrating iOS 7 siri now

10:11AM PDT - Siri can now draw on the latest tweets

10:12AM PDT - "great new high quality male and female voices"

10:12AM PDT - Siri can now draw on info from wikipedia, inline websearch and photo search

10:12AM PDT - New iOS 7 ringtones as well

10:12AM PDT - Craig is demoing some of their new ringtones

10:12AM PDT - I can't really liveblog sounds yet

10:12AM PDT - New notification sounds being played now

10:13AM PDT - Classic sounds are also remastered (wee)

10:13AM PDT - Moving onto the camera app in iOS 7

10:13AM PDT - Collections of photos in iOS, grouped by location/time

10:13AM PDT - Managing tons of content on these mobile devices is a real issue

10:14AM PDT - Can share via AirDrop in iOS 7

10:14AM PDT - We finally have a way to directly send files between two iOS devices on the same WiFi network

10:14AM PDT - Music app demo is up next

10:14AM PDT - iTunes Radio is built in to iOS 7

10:15AM PDT - iTunes Music: Apple's Pandora competitor

10:15AM PDT - Playing Daft Punk (naturally)

10:15AM PDT - Create a new station based on artist, genre or song

10:15AM PDT - Over 200 features in iOS 7

10:16AM PDT - Now showing off 3rd party iOS 7 enabled apps

10:16AM PDT - Updating iOS apps to the new iOS 7 styling is very critical to the OS' adoption

10:16AM PDT - Moving on to iOS 7 on the iPad

10:16AM PDT - iOS 7 will be available for free, starting on September 18th

10:17AM PDT - Moving onto iWork

10:18AM PDT - Talking about Keynote (app) now

10:18AM PDT - ...and Numbers

10:19AM PDT - Now onto iPhoto, still nothing new at this point

10:19AM PDT - Just recapping how you can use iOS for productivity

10:19AM PDT - "iWork is a really key advantage for a customer's productivity, and iPhoto and iMovie are great for creativity"

10:19AM PDT - "No other platform has any apps like these"

10:20AM PDT - Today we are announcing that we're making all five of these apps free

10:20AM PDT - One touch - download all the free new apps

10:20AM PDT - When setting up any new iOS 7 device

10:21AM PDT - Talking about iPhone now

10:21AM PDT - iPhone 5 had most successful first year of any iPhone

10:22AM PDT - In the past when we've announced a new iPhone, we've lowered the price of the current iPhone

10:22AM PDT - This year, we're not going to do that

10:22AM PDT - Here comes the iPhone 5C

10:22AM PDT - Business has become so large that this year we're going to replace the iPhone 5

10:22AM PDT - Replacing it with not one, but two new designs

10:22AM PDT - This makes sense since the iPhone 5's construction likely doesn't scale down well in terms of pricing

10:22AM PDT - Phil Schiller takes the stage

10:22AM PDT - Phil is awesome, he gives an unusual amount of detail at these things

10:23AM PDT - iPhone 5C announced

10:23AM PDT - Playing a video, showing all the different colors of the iPhone 5C

10:24AM PDT - Green, white blue, red and yellow

10:24AM PDT - New color design

10:24AM PDT - Volume buttons, switches, all colored

10:24AM PDT - Back and sides are made of a single part

10:24AM PDT - (plastic)

10:24AM PDT - The front is one glass multitouch surface

10:25AM PDT - New line of custom cases for the iPhone 5C

10:25AM PDT - soft feel silicon rubber cases

10:25AM PDT - circular cutout patterns in the case so you can see the underlying 5C color

10:25AM PDT - Color/customization is becoming a big part of mainstream phone sales

10:25AM PDT - Hard coated polycarbonate material

10:26AM PDT - Steel reinforced internal structure

10:26AM PDT - Part of the antenna system as well as for structural integrity

10:26AM PDT - 4-inch retina display, full sRGB standard, integrated touch

10:26AM PDT - A6 SoC

10:26AM PDT - Battery inside the 5C is slightly larger than what was in the 5

10:26AM PDT - 8MP iSight camera

10:26AM PDT - backside illumination, 5 element lens, hybrid IR filter

10:27AM PDT - New FaceTime HD camera, larger 1.9µ pixels

10:27AM PDT - 1.9µm

10:27AM PDT - Props to Phil to talking about pixel size

10:27AM PDT - 100Mbps LTE

10:27AM PDT - 02.11a/b/g/n, 2.4/5GHz, BT 4.0

10:27AM PDT - 802.11 that is

10:27AM PDT - Runs iOS 7 obviously

10:28AM PDT - Five colors, blue, white, pink, yellow and green

10:28AM PDT - Starts at 16GB at $99 on 2 year contract, $199 for 32GB

10:28AM PDT - Cases are $29 each

10:29AM PDT - Playing a video talking about the 5C

10:30AM PDT - Ultimately the 5C is a way of tempting the mainstream and making Apple's two-iPhone strategy work while still shipping metal devices at the high end

10:30AM PDT - Apple has shipped two iPhones for a while, this time the iPhone 5 just didn't scale well cost-wise, so the 5C was necessary

10:31AM PDT - Taking us through the manufacturing process of the 5C

10:31AM PDT - "solid, dense feel"

10:32AM PDT - Apple has mentioned more LTE bands on the 5C than any other phone in the world a few times now, interesting

10:33AM PDT - Still watching the 5C video

10:33AM PDT - Video is done, back to Phil

10:33AM PDT - iPhone 5S

10:34AM PDT - Showing the gold trimmed iPhone 5S now

10:34AM PDT - I want a gold one (on a chain)

10:35AM PDT - iPhone 5S, made of a high grade aluminum with diamond cut, chamfered edges

10:35AM PDT - "The gold standard in smartphones"

10:35AM PDT - Silver, gold and a new space grey

10:35AM PDT - 1st innovation: performance

10:36AM PDT - Brand new A7 processor

10:36AM PDT - Here we go

10:36AM PDT - 64-bit!!!!

10:36AM PDT - WOW

10:36AM PDT - I can't believe they did it

10:37AM PDT - "64-bit desktop class architecture"

10:37AM PDT - modern ISA

10:37AM PDT - x general purpose registers, 2x fp registers, over 1B transistors, 102mm^2 die size

10:37AM PDT - iOS 7 completely re-engineered for 64-bit

10:37AM PDT - 64-bit kernel, libraries and drivers

10:37AM PDT - ll built in apps re-engineered

10:37AM PDT - Xcode support as well

10:37AM PDT - 32/64 compatibility is enabled

10:38AM PDT - Up to 2x as fast on CPU tasks

10:38AM PDT - Up to 2x as fast in GPU perf

10:38AM PDT - Up to 40X faster than the first iPhone

10:39AM PDT - OpenGL ES 3.0 support in iOS!!

10:39AM PDT - This is nuts

10:39AM PDT - Wow I seriously can't believe the 64-bit move

10:39AM PDT - Donald Mustard from Epic games is taking the stage

10:39AM PDT - You gotta bring out the big guns for new silicon

10:39AM PDT - Donald co-founded ChAIR entertainment - the infinity blade guys

10:40AM PDT - conclusion to infinity blade trilogy

10:40AM PDT - Showing a video demo of Infinity Blade 3

10:41AM PDT - If the 5S doesn't have a ton of RAM, then this move is purely to enable the dev community - Apple being very proactive on dealing with the 64-bit navigation

10:41AM PDT - 2 hours to create a 64-bit build of Infinity Blade 3

10:41AM PDT - once the 32-bit version was ready that is

10:41AM PDT - OpenGL ES 3.0 support in Infinity Blade 3

10:41AM PDT - "lens flares that would make JJ Abrams proud"

10:42AM PDT - Dragons in infinity blade 3

10:42AM PDT - Naturally need to add dragons since you have 64-bit

10:42AM PDT - Seriously I want the 5S now, need to dissect A7

10:42AM PDT - So just to be clear, the 2X increase in performance is not from the move to 64-bit

10:43AM PDT - It's clear that the 5S/A7 has an updated Swift architecture

10:44AM PDT - Infinity Blade 3 will be available alongside the iPhone 5S

10:44AM PDT - Incredible - I wish it had a built in benchmark :)

10:44AM PDT - M7, new part in the iPhone

10:44AM PDT - Motion coprocessor

10:44AM PDT - Continuously measures motion data, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass

10:45AM PDT - Analogous to Qualcomm's sensor fusion hub

10:45AM PDT - New CoreMotion API, identifies user movement, optimizations based on contextual awareness

10:46AM PDT - Battery life is equal or greater than the iPhone 5

10:46AM PDT - "That's the first of our breakthrough technologies"

10:46AM PDT - 2nd: camera system

10:47AM PDT - Huge advancements in 5S camera tech

10:47AM PDT - New 5 element lens, F2.2

10:47AM PDT - New sensor, 15% larger active area

10:48AM PDT - Larger pixels??

10:48AM PDT - Bigger pixels, Klug is happy

10:48AM PDT - 1.5µm pixel size

10:48AM PDT - Used to be 1.4µm

10:49AM PDT - When you launch iOS 7 camera app, the app automatically sets exposure and white balance

10:49AM PDT - Creates a dynamic local tone map around the image

10:49AM PDT - for better highlights and shadows

10:49AM PDT - AF matrix metering with 15 zones

10:49AM PDT - Multiple exposures when you take a picture, picks the sharpest and displays it

10:49AM PDT - New True Tone Flash

10:50AM PDT - When you take a flash picture, ambient light varies in its color temperature, whatever color your flash is it'll clash with room lighting color

10:50AM PDT - 5S flash solves for this by using two LEDs

10:50AM PDT - One is cooler white, the other is warmer amber

10:50AM PDT - Over 1000 unique color variations of flash

10:50AM PDT - World's first on a camera of any kind

10:51AM PDT - Showing impact of new flash on skin tones

10:51AM PDT - Auto image stabilization

10:51AM PDT - EIS likely, not OIS

10:51AM PDT - Multiple photos, combine them and select parts of the image that are sharpest

10:51AM PDT - New burst mode

10:52AM PDT - There's clearly a new ISP in 5S

10:52AM PDT - 10 fps burst mode

10:52AM PDT - In real time as you take burst photos, the photos are analyzed for sharpness, exposure, face detection, etc...

10:52AM PDT - In the camera roll it auto presents you with what it thinks is the best photo out of a burst shot

10:53AM PDT - Picks out a couple photos from action sequences

10:53AM PDT - all in real time, all automatically

10:53AM PDT - 120 fps slo-mo mode

10:53AM PDT - 720p120

10:54AM PDT - You can select both 30 fps and 120 fps portions of the same video

10:54AM PDT - Showing off unedited iPhone 5S photos

10:55AM PDT - Showing off 28MP panorama taken with the 5S

10:55AM PDT - Can adjust exposure level as you pan the scene in panorama mode

10:56AM PDT - 3rd feature: security

10:57AM PDT - Apple's Touch ID

10:57AM PDT - Fingerprint sensor

10:57AM PDT - Touch ID capacitive sensor, 170 microns thin, 500 ppi resolution

10:57AM PDT - scan sub epidermal skin layers

10:57AM PDT - 360 degree readability

10:58AM PDT - You can teach it about more than one finger (right/left handed for example)

10:58AM PDT - Rotation agnostic

10:58AM PDT - Sensor integrated into the home button

10:58AM PDT - Same tactile switch, touch ID sensor, then stainless steel detection ring, laser cut sapphire crystal cover

10:58AM PDT - Touch ID built into iOS 7

10:59AM PDT - Just touch the home button to unlock once you've taught it your fingerprint

10:59AM PDT - You can use it to make iTunes purchases instead of password

10:59AM PDT - Video of the iPhone 5S in action is next

11:02AM PDT - All fingerprint information is encrypted and stored in a secure enclave in the A7

11:02AM PDT - Accessible only by the Touch ID sensor, never stored on apple servers or backed up to iCloud

11:02AM PDT - "Technology is at its best and most empowering when it simply disappears"

11:03AM PDT - 16GB config at $199

11:03AM PDT - 32GB at $299, 64GB at $399

11:03AM PDT - all on 2 year contracts

11:04AM PDT - New cases for the 5S as well

11:04AM PDT - Leather cases, five colors

11:05AM PDT - The 4S will stick around at 8GB for free on contract

11:06AM PDT - Available September 20th

11:06AM PDT - preorders for the 5C start on the 13th

11:06AM PDT - 100 counties by the end of the year

11:06AM PDT - over 270 carriers

11:06AM PDT - I guess no LTE Advanced for iPhone 5S

11:06AM PDT - Tim Cook is back on stage

11:07AM PDT - Recapping the event now

11:08AM PDT - Playing some of the 5C/5S ads now

11:09AM PDT - Returning to music for a moment before we close

11:09AM PDT - "We do really love music and we love celebrating with great artists"

11:10AM PDT - Hmm special musical guest

11:10AM PDT - 3 decades, 29 albums, widely viewed to be one of the best singer/songwriters of our time

11:10AM PDT - hmm who could it be

11:10AM PDT - Elvis Costello takes the stage

11:11AM PDT - Listing to Elvis Costello now, the live blog is over, we'll be back with hands on time asap. Thanks for reading!



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  • nicsta - Wednesday, September 11, 2013 - link

    purse? LOL Anyway, why carry a bag to lug around a phone? I'f i'm carrying a bag, i might as well carry my laptop everywhere. Reply
  • darkhawk1980 - Wednesday, September 11, 2013 - link

    Drinking the Apple-Koolaid again?
    "Up to 2X"....so in 'some task' they managed to get a 2x performance increase. What was the average? For all we know, it could be a 30% increase on average, in which case your point is....well....wrong.

    For what it's worth, it was another 'meh' launch. The things that did catch my eye, such as 64-bit, really mean absolutely nothing at this moment in time unless the 5S comes with 4GB of ram. Since I'm fairly certain it doesn't, it really doesn't do much in the overall scheme of things. The camera might look slightly nicer, but it's not enough to compel me to pay $300 more than the high end Android I would like which has other better features.
  • rocky12345 - Tuesday, September 10, 2013 - link

    OMG that lock screen looks like the one on my Sony Xperia ZL ummm...ok so Mine was first lol but I will let Apple borrow it I guess. Reply
  • JDG1980 - Tuesday, September 10, 2013 - link

    I still don't understand why Apple would want to imitate Microsoft's failed brutalist UI design.
    Give me shaded, textured icons and skeuomorphism any day.
  • Mondozai - Tuesday, September 10, 2013 - link

    Whither, alone, in your assault on beauty and aesthetics. Reply
  • michal1980 - Tuesday, September 10, 2013 - link

    plastic was bad, until now. Reply
  • robbertbobbertson - Tuesday, September 10, 2013 - link

    I wonder how often Donald Mustard has been falsely accused of murder Reply
  • jasperjones - Tuesday, September 10, 2013 - link

    Assuming 2GB RAM, 64-bit seems dumb. So it ships with 4+GB RAM? Reply
  • Zeratul56 - Tuesday, September 10, 2013 - link

    That makes no sense. I highly doubt apple even changed their 1gig of ram from the 5, more RAM wastes power in mobile devices. 64 bit word length will be faster regardless of how much RAM the device has. I suggest you read up on what 64 bit word length actually is before making judgement calls. Reply
  • skiboysteve - Tuesday, September 10, 2013 - link

    what is the big deal with the qualcomm sensor fusion chip and now the apple sensor fusion chip. didnt the software APIs already allow access to all the data? who cares if its all in one chip (from the app perspective) Reply

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