Right after the Nokia press conference I spent time playing around with all of the newly announced Nokia phones, and there are four. Nokia's announcement primarily focused on the entry level devices which target mass market, instead of another flagship model.

Starting with the Lumias, I got a chance to dig around in about and confirm that both the 520 and 720 are MSM8227 based, which is dual core Krait and Adreno 203 with the Kraits running at 1.0 GHz. Build quality on both the 520 and 720 was impressive, and they're unmistakably Nokia Lumia phones. I'm pretty impressed with the 720 which seems like a well put together device and also contains an interesting camera. 

Nokia's rear facing module on the 720 is the first sub F/2.0 optics in a smartphone I'm aware of, at F/1.9, and includes a 6.7 MP CMOS. I took some sample photos with the device but couldn't get them off, what I saw did look impressive however. 

I got a chance to play with the Nokia 105, their 15 euro device which is aimed at the entry level. The phone is somewhat thick but obviously very well constructed. Next the Nokia 301 has their interesting voice-assisted self shot mode, which gives you prompts to center your face in the field of view.

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  • Topweasel - Wednesday, February 27, 2013 - link

    Did you even look at the 301 pictures. Its not a smartphone. It's a feature phone. So I am not a hundred % sure where you are even going with this. It's a nifty feature you don't often see in non-smart phone phones where you are basically stuck with what comes with the phone. Unlike Smartphones where even if the core software didn't have a feature most of the time you can get what you need from the software shop.
  • Penti - Monday, March 11, 2013 - link

    I'm wondering where these Nokia 820s, 720s and 520s is actually manufactured. As they are not finished in Salo as they have folded all their operations in Finland and essentially stopped production at Komarom. Closed their Cluj operations in 2011 already and basically only makes dumb phones in India and China. They can't even finish and pack their products in Europe any more. So it's most basically be all contract manufacturing, even warehousing the phones I'm unsure if they can do any more. Plus the aesthetics is different from their N9 style design. So I'm thinking it's made by the same OEM/ODM for Nokia. Nokia aren't a company that can design hardware (or software apart from their mapping/navigation business which gets robbed by MS and don't generate enough money) any more, they have already fired or done away with 26k employees since early 2011. The new directions was a killing of the company, taking profitable products and trashing them, closed all the plants where they where made and was unable to replace them with anything else so all the company is basically gone already. All to compete in an overcrowded market on the other side of the Atlantic and even there they do worse. Finland has already moved on though some of the former employees did get support from EU most have moved on and forgotten about Nokia which won't be coming alive again. People simply have moved on without them. Nokia might survive on Navteq and Nokia Siemens Network, but why should it lend it's brand name to asian OEM's, contract manufacturers and Microsoft in the future? Their products is already not their own and they have lost control over the supply chain and gets basically the same thing as the competitors, even looking like the same thing and software support, hardware platforms from Microsoft is still rubbish. BB10 has a chance to basically catch up and get ahead when it comes to apps and services even before most markets has got the devices. It was doomed to be bigger then WP8 but WP8 simply don't seem to get anywhere even though you can at least run C++ now.
  • yos123 - Wednesday, March 13, 2013 - link

    check out Nokia Lumia 620 review http://www.windows8web.com/nokia-lumia-620/

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