The Pentium 4 is truly a bandwidth monster as we discovered with our initial Linpack benchmarks. While the 50% higher clock speed makes up for some of this lead, the majority of it is due to its 400MHz FSB, low latency caches, and excellent branch predictor. Too bad the real world performance of the processor, using today's applications, isn't able to take advantage of this incredible amount of bandwidth.

Again, the Pentium 4 holds an enormous bandwidth advantage over the competition. And again, it's something we don't see duplicated in the real world tests, it will be interesting to see how tomorrow's games and tomorrow's benchmarks view the Pentium 4.

The RC5 performance test is almost exclusively a measure of Integer performance. Factors such as memory bandwidth, FSB frequency or cache performance don't affect the score and as you can see, the Pentium 4 isn't doing good at all. Even with an optimized RC5 client it is doubtful that the Pentium 4 will be able to do much in purely integer tests like this one.

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