About three weeks ago, I met with AMD to go over some concerns with their Enduro graphics switching technology. At the time, AMD gave me a preview release of their Mobility Catalyst driver and promised a public beta by the end of October. We’re over a month ahead of that schedule, and today I received an email from AMD indicating the Catalyst 12.9 Beta for laptops is officially available.

I’m still working on the final review of the Clevo P170EM with 7970M from AVADirect, but in the meantime I’ve updated to the 12.9 Beta and everything appears to have gone smoothly. One thing to be aware of is that the current beta may not fix the GPU underutilization issue, particularly with HD 7970M, but AMD is working on a hotfix. They expect that to be released to the public in the next week or two, and they’re offering us a chance to do some early testing of the driver so we’ll be putting it through some tests over the next couple of days.

For all of you that have Enduro/PowerXpress 4.0 or later laptops and have been waiting for a driver update, head on over to AMD’s site and grab the latest beta. If you give it a shot and have a minute, post your comments on how the new drivers work (or don’t?) on your laptop. We’d love to get a collection of testing results from a wider variety of hardware than what we currently have on hand.



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  • HOODY - Monday, October 8, 2012 - link

    I hope your still going to post updated info on this subject, I read the same posts over just to keep up.

    I for one am trying to find anything I can on this Enduro driver thing and any updated info from AMD on when they plan to start supporting ALL 76xx cards and how things are going for W8 on this besides W7.

    It just seems strange that a workable driver can be compiled in Nov 2011 via HP/AMD but no one can come up with a workable "updated" driver in 2012 soon to be 2013.

    Thanks for the info so far at least.
  • HOODY - Sunday, October 14, 2012 - link

    New Driver 12.10

    I don’t think this driver is meant for us with the Intel/AMD setup, esp us with this 7690 thing. after reading the site I see where it states this

    “AMD Embedded GPU and APU Vista/Win7 Driver”

    I think what this tells me is if you have AMD/AMD your OK.

    I feel if these manufactures would just stick to using the GPU and APU from the same maker all this driver mess would be fixed. As some seem to be able to use the AMD drivers and some not, the ones that can most likely have both graphics from AMD, likewise with this Optimus stuff, as long as the motherboard has both Intel and Ggforce it works well.

    Why the hell HP or anybody else decided to mix these graphics is beyond me, as I'm sure it would have been just as cost effective either way, I'd be all in favor of HP just giving me replacement Motherboard with both AMD if that would solve this driver mess,
  • wajidamin - Wednesday, October 10, 2012 - link

    when will be hp g62 a53se ati 5470/intel hd 1st generation new video driver released by amd or it will never released by amd plz tell me and does this above driver will be compatible with my specs also tell me which power express i have 3 or 4 hand will amd release in future driver for switchable compatible with my specs the oem drivers are more than 2year old plz i need new drivers plz help Reply
  • HOODY - Thursday, November 1, 2012 - link

    Well there's nothing new for this card, Radeon 7690M XT, On HP site it still shows the old Nov 2011 driver for W7, under W8 there is nothing showing for graphics driver at all.

    If your using W8, you can go here [Drivers] HP dv6-4XXX / dv6-6XXX / dv7-5XXX / dv7-6XXX / ENVY 14-2XXX / ENVY 17-2XXX (INTEL) - Page 41 and try that (leaked) HP driver for this card.

    If not than you can run over to Leshcat's site and try his, but I think he's about to release a new 12-10 so you might want to wait for that. They will have the latest AMD and Intel mix. As for AMD, I'm still waiting for their "final" Enduro release, maybe in another month or maybe not till Jan, I'm still waiting for AMD to make a tool that actually finds this 7690M XT and any other 76xxM card and supports these cards, but I'm not in any hurry now.

    I have my W8 install key and disk and can wait, I have everything working on my W7 now and don't need to run around looking for scanner or printer drivers too.

    For now I sit on my OEM HP nov 2011 graphic driver, and will only update when I see a new one listed for both W7 and W8, and that actually installs "as is" and works.

    Good Luck with that 7690m xt smirks

    HP dv7t-6c00 8g ram W7, 7690m xt 2g gddr5 17.3" 1920x1080 screen ( using 2nd monitor Samsung 26" @1920x1200)

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