Smartphone Performance in GLBenchmark 2.5

Thus far there's no A5X equivalent in an iPhone, making the A5 the highest performing option from Apple in these charts. Clock speeds (and likely power management profiles) are lower on the A5 in the iPhone 4S than in the iPad 2, so performance should be a bit lower here than what you saw on the previous page.

The A5 has a significant fill rate advantage, however triangle throughput ranges from middle of the road to barely in the lead. In many cases NVIDIA's Tegra 3 or Qualcomm's S4 pulls ahead in triangle throughput.

GLBenchmark 2.5 - Fill Test

GLBenchmark 2.5 - Fill Test (Offscreen 1080p)

GLBenchmark 2.5 - Triangle Texture Test

GLBenchmark 2.5 - Triangle Texture Test (Offscreen 1080p)

GLBenchmark 2.5 - Triangle Texture Test - Fragment Lit

GLBenchmark 2.5 - Triangle Texture Test - Fragment Lit (Offscreen 1080p)

GLBenchmark 2.5 - Triangle Texture Test - Vertex Lit

GLBenchmark 2.5 - Triangle Texture Test - Vertex Lit (Offscreen 1080p)

Overall performance using Egypt HD puts all three of the S4 based devices ahead of the iPhone 4S. Ratchet up the resolution to 1080p and the standings don't really change, although the Exynos 4 quad moves up in the world a bit.

GLBenchmark 2.5 - Egypt HD

GLBenchmark 2.5 - Egypt HD (Offscreen 1080p)

GLBenchmark 2.5 - Egypt Classic

GLBenchmark 2.5 - Egypt Classic (Offscreen 1080p)

Final Words

The addition of iOS results to our GLBenchmark 2.5 charts doesn't provide much surprise. On the tablet side, Apple's A5X continues to be the benchmark to beat. The A5 however, especially in the iPhone 4S, shows its age in Egypt HD. Qualcomm's S4 and Samsung's Exynos 4 Quad both offer better graphics performance than the A5 in Egypt HD. The pressure is on for Apple to deliver something between the A5 and A5X in the next generation iPhone this fall. 

Tablet Performance in GLBenchmark 2.5


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  • amdwilliam1985 - Wednesday, August 01, 2012 - link

    Apple hater here, won't buy another iProduct since Apple is still an arrogant bully.
    Also, I stop playing games with my iPhone 3gs and SGS2, after realizing mobile games are just plain boring(rehash of the same games over and over and over again). I did game about 2+ years with 3gs and SGS2.

    Apple products can never do usb-plugin-file-transfer. Who needs iTunes when you can drag and drop. Worst pain-point with 3gs, got a lot of dead brain cells trying to make iTunes work with 3gs :(

    3gs went into my collection chest, iPad 2 just went to gf after I got my Nexus 7. Wish someone can take my 13" 2011 MBA.
    I tried to give it to my brother for free, but failed. He preferred a HP 15" Envy that can actually do games, lol.
  • darkcrayon - Wednesday, August 01, 2012 - link

    You couldn't make iTunes work with a 3GS... Reply
  • Focher - Friday, August 03, 2012 - link

    I'll take your MBA for free. I'll even pay for shipping. Reply
  • UltraTech79 - Wednesday, August 08, 2012 - link

    Sounds more like user error than hardware error. Maybe get a clue? Reply
  • TrackSmart - Wednesday, August 01, 2012 - link

    It would also be great to see an update addressing the Verizon versions of the Galaxy SIII (i.e. how battery life shakes out between the various models). I remember mention of this some weeks back, but never saw it appear. Probably not high on the list, since the hardware is so similar to the other models.

    As usual, thanks for the hard work!
  • Belard - Friday, August 03, 2012 - link

    Great... I am pretty much SOLD on it. Both my business partner and my own Galaxy Captivate are 2 years old. Mine has slowing showing touch-screen issues and lock ups, GPS was always crap on GS1. But his suddenly died yesterday!

    They only had a single Red SGS3 in stock and the HTC One. I think the newer Samsung and the home button is what sold him.

    I had the chance to play with a dummy Atrix HD, in terms of weight and feel... and that *IS* important to me. I don't use covers on my phones or iPad. Also, Apple is pissing me off with being a patent troll over the rectangle and BS on prior art.

    Anyho, I almost went with the HTC-One X (like the LED light), but the button arrangement and concerns with its coating rubbing off pretty much nixed it. The SGS3... is such a fingerprint magnet... why go with the cheap plastic cover? It took seconds to make the nice red-back look "dirty". Oh, it comes with a cleaning cloth - oh wow. He put a cover on it anyway.

    Since all phones are now HUGE, the AtixHD is slightly the smaller of the bunch. While the back of the phone is plain flat. The feel of the phone is excellent. Its not TOO thin on the sides... and *I* did like the feel of the various textures as well. Battery is not removable has me concerned (resetting the phone), as I'm used to pulling out the battery... I like the curvature of the phone and that in my pocket, I know its orientation. Unlike most Samsungs.

    From the ratings on at&t, people are saying the battery is a bit weak (like all smart phones) but I would expect and hope its a lot better than my Captivate!
    On your reviewers, older Motorola phones seem to have better battery life than my captivate - which in all honesty, I never really liked. It was "the best" at the time. Also, some raters said the speaker (speaker phone mode) is very loud.

    So, unless the phone blows chunks... I'm 95% sure it will be my next purchase. The Home button on the SGS3 is a selling point to me... but I don't seem to want that phone. Know what I mean?
  • codedivine - Tuesday, July 31, 2012 - link

    Well the older benchmark also had a "Pro" part. Does the new version only have a Egypt HD? Reply
  • Brian Klug - Wednesday, August 01, 2012 - link

    The new version has Egypt HD and Egypt Classic, Pro is now retired basically.

  • ltcommanderdata - Tuesday, July 31, 2012 - link

    You seem to be missing the A5X datapoint in the Triangle Texture Test - Fragment Lit Offscreen figure on the tablet page.

    Any chance of putting in Apple A4 and Adreno 220 results, tablet and/or smartphone, as reference points? Those devices would be coming up to the 2 year upgrade cycle that most people likely follow so it'd be useful to see how things have progressed.
  • H.A.L. 9000 - Wednesday, August 08, 2012 - link

    LOL. A4 would run this at probably LESS than 1FPS. SGX535 and an 800MHz Cortex A8... Adreno 220, maybe. Reply

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