OC: Gaming Performance

We’ll keep the running commentary short here, but depending on how shader bottlenecked any individual game is, it’s possible for GTX 670 to beat a stock GTX 680 with just an increase of the power target. Without that pesky 8th SMX drawing power this leaves more power for increasing clockspeeds, which helps games that are more bottlenecked by the ROPs and/or GPCs.

Conversely, if a game is extremely shader bound (such as Portal 2), then only a full overclock can make up for that 8th SMX on GTX 680.

OC: Power, Temperature, & Noise Final Words


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  • kingkazuma - Friday, May 11, 2012 - link

    i was honestly surprised that Nvidia didn't make the 600 series more powerful in gpcomputing

    well guess its 7970 for me... but i would want one of these for gaming :D
  • CeriseCogburn - Friday, May 11, 2012 - link

    Gee what programs are you going to use the amd card for in compute ?
    I'd sure like to hear for once what amd can do, instead of experiencing it's massively frustrating failures and apologists and recent unbelievable hypocrits.
    What the heck "compute" are you using a 7970 for - I'd sure like to know what programs... and what exactly stream is capable of, but all we ever get is a blank and some fat slow drooling talking point, except when it's pointed out that nVidia has ten thousand more drivers and support and software base in compute so it's the only way to go.
    Would you enlighten us ?
  • CeriseCogburn - Sunday, May 13, 2012 - link

    PS - the 7970 lost the computer benchmarks here, and the 680 won.

    I guess you never checked the results and just went with the "on paper !" fantasies.

    Good luck squandering up valid programs and valid amd software.

    At least you can use the now "we'll never do it !" "we are love, we are amd! " "we demand open source! " "we demand corporate responsibility !" - PROPRIETARY amd hacked openCL winzip.

    Enjoy that gigantic hypocrisy unzipping.

    Amd is for suckers.
  • james.jwb - Friday, May 11, 2012 - link

    I normally like to read the comment section here, but honestly can't be bothered since certain trolls have come here and for the 10th time (in the last 2/3 years), get to run a riot for a few weeks until someone at Anandtech finally butts in and bans him.

    Yawn to this scenario once again.

    Move to Disqus, Anandtech, and start moderating. You'll get 500 comments per important article and won't have to let controversy and trolls stay to bolster discussion.
  • Gastec - Tuesday, November 13, 2012 - link

    I subscribe to that. If they don't take action maybe we should. Reply
  • CeriseCogburn - Friday, May 11, 2012 - link

    Civ5 " On our final test the 7970 sees a slight resurgence compared to the past few games, preventing NVIDIA from sweeping the whole back half of our tests. "
    Well, actually, that's not nVidia sweeping "the whole back HALF" that's nVidia sweeping the entire last 75% or 3/4ths, and if it weren't for the TWS2 bug, amd could claim only 2 out of 10 games, losing a FULL 80%, more than 3/4ths of all gaming tests.

    Instead of hearing the awful truth since the 7970 dives as resolution goes up losing miserably, which is ALWAYS pointed out when nVidia cards react that, puttting down some imaginary problem the reviewer guesses at concerning nVidia, instead we hear how amd shows a slight "resurgence" like a good terrorist card, and it's not noted it's only at the lowest resolution shown, of course.
    Next the reviewer tells us how the 600 series doesn't do very well "against the 500 series" here - yet the 580 BEATS the 7950 at both 1920 and at 2560 - in other words, the truth is, the GTX500 series does EXCEPTIONALLY WELL here, smacking down even the "resurgent" amd cards brother.
    The 570 is about 40% and then 30% ahead of the 6970, as another example of how well the 500 series plays this game. That's extended performance, not 600 series "interesting it's not far ahead".
    Of course, IMO only an amd fanboy could come up with that kind of wording and analysis.
    Was it so "interesting" that the reviewer couldn't see the 580 and 570 cleaning the clocks of their competition and even above their competition ?

    So when the nVidia just prior tier does well, it's the current card not doing so well against it.

    When the current nVidia cards do win 75% of the games against amd, it's belittled to less than half, with the special less than half "sweep" phrasing, with the 7970 amd flagship losing past the lowest tested resolution as the "catch".
    What a bad joke for Nvidia the pro amd words are in these reviews games pages.
  • medi01 - Friday, May 11, 2012 - link

    "7970 dives as resolution goes up losing miserably"

    Are you on a crack, or something?
  • CeriseCogburn - Friday, May 11, 2012 - link

    Look at the civ5 page - Civilization 5 gaming page review, as soon as you put down your stupid dumb you down drug. Reply
  • medi01 - Saturday, May 12, 2012 - link

    So what are you smoking? Is it crack that dumbs down and turns into zealont, or were you born an idiot? Reply
  • CeriseCogburn - Saturday, May 12, 2012 - link

    Excellent rebuttal, you've made your point for amd so well. Reply

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