Game Performance: Crysis, Metro, DiRT, Shogun, & Batman

As the 7970 BEDD is a factory overclocked card it has a leg up in performance on the reference 7970, with the specific advantage depending on the game and whether it benefits more from the 8% core overclock or the 4% RAM overclock. Since this is architecturally identical to the reference 7970 we won’t make any drawn out conclusions, but it’s easy enough to see the benefits of higher clockspeeds on a 7970 card.

The BEDD leads the reference 7970 by about 4% in Crysis, more closely trending the memory clockspeed difference than the core clockspeed difference.

With Metro the story is similar; at 2560 we’re seeing a 4% gain. At 1920 however that gain is closer to 8%, which may mean Metro is teetering on being memory bandwidth limited at the highest resolutions.

DiRT 3’s performance gains almost strictly mirror the increase in the core clock, if not lead it by a bit. For this reason DiRT 3 is clearly the most GPU limited title in our lineup, and the title to benefit the most from XFX’s factory overclock.

Shogun is much like Metro: around 4% at 2560, and around 8% at 1920, indicating that it too may be reaching the limits of the 7970’s memory bandwidth.

Batman meanwhile is far more consistent. The gains from XFX’s overclock are just under 4%, almost exactly matching the memory bandwidth difference.

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  • piroroadkill - Monday, January 9, 2012 - link

    The overclocking scales amazingly, and without increasing voltage.

    Soon we'll see some great coolers, and some high clocks.

    NVIDIA has their work cut out...
  • Beenthere - Monday, January 9, 2012 - link

    The kiddies won't be able to get that $600 out of their pockets fast enough. It's like crack for a crackhead. :) Reply
  • imaheadcase - Monday, January 9, 2012 - link

    It would take a fanboy to buy a card that is less than %6 faster than a GTX 580 and $200 more. Reply
  • piroroadkill - Monday, January 9, 2012 - link

    Not really. It overclocks like crazy, uses less power while doing it, and has an updated feature set.

    Not to mention the increased VRAM. I've seen my 6950 use 1.6GB while playing Skyrim with custom texture packs, where there the 580 would be hitting the limits.

    If you're running an assload of screens at once, you really, really could use the extra VRAM.
  • piroroadkill - Monday, January 9, 2012 - link

    Further to this, if you own a GTX580, it means you wanted the fastest single GPU card without caring about the cost to start with - a GTX580 looks like bad value compared to getting a 6950 2GB, unlocking it 6970 and then applying mild overclocks.

    Point is, some people want the best there is. This is without doubt the best single GPU card there is.
  • Revdarian - Monday, January 9, 2012 - link

    Less than 6% faster than a 580? 200$ more?

    Which benchmarks are you seeing? because it is obvious that you aren't looking at the ones on this article.

    Crysis Warhead is 31% faster on average.
    Metro2033 is 36% faster.
    Dirt3 is 32% faster
    Shogun is 34% faster
    Batman is 22%
    Portal 2 is 17% faster with SSAA
    BF3 is 20% faster

    And all that is without the other overclock that adds up to exactly 11% better across the board (multiplicative, so all those other scores, multiply by 1.11 and you get the proper scaling)

    34.41; 39; 35; 37; 24; 19; 22

    And as for 200$ more, please link a retail 3GB 580 for 400$ as plenty of peeps would be interested on it, and since this Black Edition isnt really worth the premium as the standard ones are able to get the same clocks if a bit louder, then try to link a 350$ 3GB 580.
  • imaheadcase - Monday, January 9, 2012 - link

    1.5 gigs GTX 580 are about $400-450 now with rebates.

    Vram is a non-issue for %99 of games so that point is moot.

    People don't care about powering savings or draw in a gaming card, if you do you can't afford it.

    Most people who get a high end card don't overclock it. Maybe THIS card, but majority of people buy reference cards.

    %6 is being to generous..what i meant to say 6 FPS on average.

    Point still stands correct. :P
  • imaheadcase - Monday, January 9, 2012 - link

    Point is, people buy gaming cards not for minor increases, even if you can afford the best even by a small UNNOTICEABLE gain. Reply
  • Revdarian - Monday, January 9, 2012 - link

    Dude the second you said that 6% is being too generous you showed a total lack of Math understanding, as i said from the numbers in this review the lowest increase was around 17% and it usually hovered towards 30% and higher, those are significant numbers if you understood math.

    BTW this card isn't meant for low resolutions/low settings, so hmm yeah, of course that in low resolutions and settings the VRAM won't matter, but then again, you are bringing a cannon to a gun fight, totally overkill, so no, your post does not stand correct at all.
  • piroroadkill - Monday, January 9, 2012 - link

    No, your point doesn't stand. VRAM does matter, especially on multi-monitor setups.

    Also, in some cases, the 7970 is quite a lot faster than the 580.

    I would say you're being a fanboy by saying faster card? Why would you need a faster card.

    A 580 should be enough for anyone!

    It's called progress, and for some, it doesn't matter what the cost is.

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