For the first time in years AMD is set to really start executing on the CPU side. Although Bulldozer has faced significant delays, Brazos and Llano were both warmly received and all indications point to Trinity showing up in early 2012 with even more competitive performance than Llano. AMD has also committed to a 12-month cadence for all of its major product lines, meaning we'll see significant updates to APUs and GPUs yearly. 

In the midst of what could very well be AMD's turnaround on the CPU side, its current Products Group General Manager, Rick Bergman, has announced that he is leaving the company. As always no real details are provided but Rick was instrumental in helping stage ATI's comeback as a player in the GPU space if you recall from The RV770 Story.

Bergman will be sorely missed at AMD. Hopefully he won't stray too far from this industry though.

Source: AMD, eWeekTech Report



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