Overall System Performance using PCMark Vantage

Next up is PCMark Vantage, another system-wide performance suite. For those of you who aren’t familiar with PCMark Vantage, it ends up being the most real-world-like hard drive test I can come up with. It runs things like application launches, file searches, web browsing, contacts searching, video playback, photo editing and other completely mundane but real-world tasks. I’ve described the benchmark in great detail before but if you’d like to read up on what it does in particular, take a look at Futuremark’s whitepaper on the benchmark; it’s not perfect, but it’s good enough to be a member of a comprehensive storage benchmark suite. Any performance impacts here would most likely be reflected in the real world.

PCMark Vantage - Overall Suite

PCMark Vantage - Memories Suite

PCMark Vantage - TV & Movies Suite

PCMark Vantage - Gaming Suite

PCMark Vantage - Music Suite

PCMark Vantage - Communications Suite

PCMark Vantage - Productivity Suite

PCMark Vantage - HDD Suite

AS-SSD Incompressible Sequential Performance AnandTech Storage Bench 2010


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  • DrBungle - Tuesday, August 2, 2011 - link

    My config;

    Asus G73
    Core i7 2630
    8GB RAM
    Shipped with 2 X 500GB 7200PRM HDDs

    I pulled the OS drive and replaced it with a Vertex 3. I had stutter issues for the first couple days, that was corrected with 2.09 firmware.

    Since then, I've had over 2 months of problem free computing. Large file transfers, extractions, transcodings and countless hours of Bad Company 2 (in preparation for BF3) with not ONE BSoD or even mild hiccup.

    Am I the only person in the universe who really likes this drive?

    It simply can't be that my notebook computer is somehow magically circumventing some critical flaw with this drive. The term "PEBCAK" comes to mind with a lot of the complaints I hear.

    RTFM. (Read The Forums Man). If you want plug and play simplicity, stick with HDDs. Personally, I like a new challenge every now and then but my Vertex 3 certainly wasn't one of them.
  • umesh - Tuesday, February 28, 2012 - link

    In the PC Mark Vantage tests, why is there no trace of the OCZ Vertex 3 240 GB Max IOPS drive at all? Was it not tested or what? Please enlighten me. Reply

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