Application and Futuremark Performance

It's not unreasonable to expect that given the blisteringly fast overclock on the Intel Core i7-950, the DigitalStorm BlackOps we have on hand should dominate our benchmarks. This is only made more apparent by the Corsair Force SSD (which PCMark Vantage is going to love) and the SLI'd GeForce GTX 580s. So just how much of a lead can the BlackOps pull?

And there it is. The BlackOps posts its only loss in Cinebench's multi-CPU test, but the score is so close to the i7-875K powering the CyberPower desktop that it's barely worth mentioning. To be fair, though, the CyberPower unit costs a little over half what the BlackOps does. Of course, when we move into 3DMark we can expect to see where that price difference really comes in.

While 3DMarks 06 and 05 seem to be almost CPU-limited, the BlackOps tears away from the pack in 03 and Vantage thanks to the massive performance of the SLI'd GeForce GTX 580s. The closest competition comes from the iBuyPower unit with the SLI GTX 470s, but it's nowhere near what the BlackOps is capable of. When we get into our gaming benchmarks on the next page, that's only going to be more apparent.

Introducing the DigitalStorm BlackOps Gaming Performance
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  • demonbug - Wednesday, December 29, 2010 - link

    Why would you want Win 7 Ultimate on a gaming rig? Yeah, I know, it has "Ultimate" right there in the name, but other than that... what does it offer that Home Premium doesn't? Unless you are planning on installing >16GB of RAM or putting together a multi-processor system (so going to Xeons, and significantly increasing the overall price), it really doesn't offer anything extra... all for an $80 premium over Home Premium.
  • Kaboose - Wednesday, December 29, 2010 - link

    I am not saying it is needed however, it is somewhat expected on a build costing more then 3,000, at least having windows 7 professional for Windows Xp mode would be nice. After all it isn't that big of a price difference.
  • azides - Thursday, December 30, 2010 - link

    If you built this yourself, you would buy the revodrive for sure!
  • YoshiMon - Thursday, December 30, 2010 - link

    As to the Win7 version issue:

    Win7 Home Premium does not offer network backups. Which, for such a rig as this, might not be a big issue, it is something that is rather lacking. The Win7 backup system is a huge plus given that it, being the OS itself, never suffer from trying to read a locked file or whatever.

    So to only put Win7HP on a nearly $4k box? Yeah, they should have put Win7U on that thing. Not that people as clueless that would drop that kinda money for a box like that will know better but I am sure that at some point they will wonder why they did not get the top of the line Win7 version.
  • mlambert890 - Wednesday, January 5, 2011 - link

    I can't get past your first sentence. Great that you feel so able to make such absolute statements! I wonder do you apply the same logic to yourself?

    "someone who can't do their own damn tuneup or change their oil shouldnt own a car"

    "if you can't fix your own plumbing, why buy a house???"

    "anyone who needs a TOUR GUIDE shouldn't be traveling!"

    See how stupid that sounds? I'm sure you don't actually. Go ahead and explain how this is different and no one has a right to want to be able to play super high end PC games, or do high end content authoring, without being able to (or have the time to) assemble a PC. And no one should want support either right?

    Ive been building my own PCs since before there was a "PC" (think kit computers - Kate 70s). It's absolutely nothing to be arrogant or judgemental about.
  • Kaboose - Wednesday, January 5, 2011 - link

    Would you buy a Ferrari without knowing how to drive? Hell would you buy a Ferrari without first knowing what to do with it?
  • FragKrag - Wednesday, December 29, 2010 - link

    A new patch for StarCraft 2 WoL recently added an 'Extreme' setting. Will you be using that in the future tests or will you stick with Ultra?
  • Soldier1969 - Wednesday, December 29, 2010 - link

    WTF. This build is way overpowered for only 1080p res. come on if your going to spend almost 4 grand on a tower and you guys test it with a measly 1080 panel. Wheres the 30" 2560 x 1600 love at? Thats all I game on, anything less is for the poor folk!
  • Gilbert Osmond - Wednesday, December 29, 2010 - link

    >99% of finished computer hardware products have ports on a vertical side or bottom panel for a very good reason: to minimize dust accumulation.

    In all but the cleanest environments, after a year or two the dust accumulation in vertically-oriented and top-exposed ports can start to cause connection problems, i/o errors, excessive contact erosion, etc.
  • Deleted - Thursday, December 30, 2010 - link

    Silverstone has three cases with the ports on the top, the first of which was launched just short of three years ago. I have never once heard anyone complain about dust clogging their ports, and I haven't had that issue, either, although I've only had my FT02 for a couple of weeks. Between the grille over the top and the positive pressure from the three massive fans in the bottom, dust isn't an issue.

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