On the heels of a rather unusual (and poorly received) announcement this morning that they'd be showing off the GTX 400 series at PAX East this year, NVIDIA has made a second and much more to-the-point announcement today.
The GTX 400 series will be launching March 26th.
And at this point that's all we know. Specifications, performance, pricing, launch quantities, etc remain to be seen. Perhaps more interesting is that this is on a Friday. We can't immediately recall a Friday GPU launch, even for a refresh part. Like everything else, the whether this has any significance remains to be seen.


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  • Galid - Tuesday, February 23, 2010 - link

    I'll answer to why the hate, ATI fanboys see Nvidia winning often and every Nvidia fanboy speaking against ATI(while they'Re not bad at all). So 90% of the time Nvidia fanboy has the right to say whatever he wants cauz ''his'' team wins.

    Now ATI fanboys are taking a good breath of fresh air even if it's for a little moment. And by the way, a company that when doesn't only try to reach for the top, takes something like physx keeps it for themselves(try to be a little like intel against AMD), I call that being a cheapster. ATI never did that. I'm no fanboy but I feel a little empathy. I personally own a 9800GTX+ and a radeon HD4870. Both runs great and overclock well one for me and the other for the wife and kids.
  • erple2 - Wednesday, February 24, 2010 - link

    To be fair, ATI has been "in the lead" since after the 3870 was launched in late 2007, at least for the given market segment. They were also in the lead when the 9700 Pro came out (and for that full generation of cards). They were also in the lead when the X1950 came out, too. The x800 was a bit of a misstep (though not drastic), and the 2900 was not what I'd call successful (at all). So I'd say that in the last 10 years, NVidia has managed to do well enough to come out ahead a bit more than 1/2 of the time (6xxx, 7xxx, 8xxx, gt200), and ATI has done the same (9700, x1950, "3870", 48xx, and now 5xxx). I wouldn't say it's 90% - probably closer to 60-65%? Reply
  • tterremmotto - Wednesday, February 24, 2010 - link

    nvidia still has a bigger share of the mid and high end markets, and intel rules the low end. ATi is exactly in the same position as it was almost 1 decade ago: third.

    Whatever "lead" ATi is supposed to have had, has not been reflected in the market share significantly. Plus having the AMD albatross around their necks, gives ATi little room for error in their execution. Which is a shame, because their RV7/8 parts have been outstanding. Hopefully AMD can clean up their act this year, and if ATi can finally move over to GF they may be able to differentiate their products better from nvidia.
  • Galid - Saturday, February 27, 2010 - link

    ATI had the lead in video card price/performance ratio, not in the market share. And that did reflect if you type market share Q2 2009 ATI you'll find out it did something... Reply
  • silverblue - Thursday, February 25, 2010 - link

    Your argument is a little flawed in that AMD isn't dead, therefore that particular albatross is still flying high :) However, I do agree in that AMD is somewhat of a shackle on ATi. The proposed 4 year lifespan of the STARS architecture and AMD's inability to advertise its products aren't doing it any real favours. The next 18-24 months will say an awful lot for AMD. Reply
  • tterremmotto - Monday, March 08, 2010 - link

    AMD is an albatross, because even though they are not dead... their have been running on the red and bleeding cash left and right.

    Therefore ATI has to match or beat NVIDIA, while at the same time not having access to the cash reserves that NVIDIA has. They are doing a hell of an execution in the past couple of years. And hopefully AMD is getting their act together after the Intel cash infusion.
  • BernardP - Tuesday, February 23, 2010 - link

    Despite the fact that Nvidia current product line is mostly made up of 2 and 3 times renamed cards from 2 year-old technology, they are still making a lot of money:


    Yes, Nvida is behind technologically, But OEMs and individual users are still buying a lot more NVidia than ATI cards.

    Let's hope ATI can profit from the present NVidia difficulties to gain significant market share and even the playing field.

  • Tewt - Tuesday, February 23, 2010 - link

    This. I don't despise Nvidia but I like to root for the underdog. AMD/ATI has been getting slammed from the competition for years so when their competitors fall a little behind, in the spirit of continued competition, I cheer when they can gain some market share as well as actually turn a profit for once.

    AMD/ATI have operated in the red longer than Nvidia ever has so I have no doubt they can weather a bad cycle or two. As mentioned above, they are doing quite well in the mobile/integrated graphics department. I don't think we need Nvidia to go head-to-head with ATI on this cycle of graphics cards because the 5800 series is already competitively priced. Considering the strength of Intel and Nvidia, I prefer to see AMD/ATI have a cycle(or three) where they can "catch up" in order to stay in the game longer, to the benefit of us all.
  • Mugur - Tuesday, February 23, 2010 - link

    I don't like those rumors. What I would like is for AMD/ATI and NVIDIA to go head to head...

    Former NVIDIA fan (now owns a 5770 and a 4670...) :-)
  • michal1980 - Tuesday, February 23, 2010 - link

    Is there any hope for the Green team? Or are they about to go poof? Reply

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