SYSMark 2007 Performance

Our journey starts with SYSMark 2007, the only all-encompassing performance suite in our review today. The idea here is simple: one benchmark to indicate the overall performance of your machine.

SYSMark 2007 - Overall

The Core i7 860, as expected, falls right in between the i5 750 and the i7 870. The overall performance impact of slightly faster clock speeds and Hyper Threading is small, it's only in the individual cases that you see large gains from the feature. Most applications have difficulty stressing four cores, pushing eight threads isn't any easier.

SYSMark 2007 - E-Learning

SYSMark 2007 - Video Creation

SYSMark 2007 - Productivity

SYSMark 2007 - 3D

Index Adobe Photoshop CS4 Performance


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