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When it comes to power consumption, the Radeon HD 4670 is nothing short of awesome. At idle our entire testbed (Intel G45 + Core 2 Quad Q9450) used only 67W with the Radeon HD 4670. Under load running Crysis we were looking at 139W.

While the 9500 GT is a little lower in power use, the performance difference is huge as well. The 4670 drawing 139W competes in performance with the cards that draw about 30W more.

The card isn't passively cooled, but it is fairly quiet. For those who don't need absolute silence and want an HTPC that doubles as a gaming machine on a 720p TV, the 4670 might be the ticket.

Total System Power Consumption

Total System Power Consumption

What You Get for Your Money: 4870 vs 4850 vs 4670 The Charts


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  • arturnowp - Wednesday, September 10, 2008 - link

    I really don't like the conclusion. You can always say spend same more. You have a video card for 79$, just add 20$ and get something faster. But how much faster? 20$ it's 25% more. Does 9600GT provide 25% more performance? What's powor consumption of 9600GT. Not to mention this card is simply much bigger. We're at 100$ but why not spend around 125-130$... I'm sure most buyers want add extra money just to have something quicker if it doesn't provide "next level" of performance. Also companies like Dell or even Apple with chose smaller cards for their's computers. Reply
  • neomoco - Wednesday, September 10, 2008 - link

    we all know the problem comments about biased articles on anand
    i haven`t made one yet but the final words on this article are hilarious ...
    my opinion is the final words should have started with something like this :

    wooowww impressive card ... amazing price/performance ... highly recommended at its price ... it decimates everything nvidia offer ... same performance if not > as 9600gso at lower price ...

    whenever they said something good about this card(rarely)they imediatly put brackets and add something negative ex:

    "Unfortunately, that's a more difficult question to answer than it was with the higher end parts." -lol
    "The hardware does outperform the competition at the same price point (though that isn't saying much)" -hmm

    and much more ... i may not know too much but my opinion is this amazing card should have recieved a much better review.

    let me give you an example of a nvidia review article title ... i wont say wich one it was

    "NVIDIA GeForce xxxxx : The Only Card That Matters"
    and an article introduction
    "It's really not often that we have the pleasure to review a product so impressively positioned. The xxxx is a terrific part, and it is hitting the street at a terrific price.Whatever the reason for the xxxxx, we are glad of its existence. This truly is the part to beat in terms of value. "

    i`ve never seen something even close about amd products and they had great products so to me your articles seem a little biased but we already got used to it . maby im imagining things

  • RagingDragon - Wednesday, September 10, 2008 - link

    In this article, the reviewer pans the Nvidia 9500GT and 9600GSO even more severely than the AMD 4670. Also his reviews of the AMD 4850 and 4870 were extremely positive. So I don't think it's fair to say he's biased against AMD or in favour of Nvidia. However, he obviously has a hate on for all current < $100 cards... Nvidia's 9500GT is particularly galling - it's just a re-rehashed 7600GT! And the 9600GSO seems pointless, I just checked prices at a local online store and found EVGA 9600GSO cards costing more than their 9600GT cards.

    But I think the review is too harsh on the AMD 4670, which resoundingly beat everything else in it's price range, and it is a big step in the right direction. These cards don't do what I want (1920x1200 at high details settings), but that doesn't mean they're junk, just that I'm outside the target market. While they offer little value to me, they should appeals to others with different needs/wants.
  • pattycake0147 - Wednesday, September 10, 2008 - link

    Did you read the 4870x2 review? It definitely had and bias against the 4870x2. Reply
  • Loknar - Wednesday, September 10, 2008 - link

    Anandtech is not Pro-Nvidia, if that's what you want to imply.

    I remember the days of the Radeon, when the likes of TomsHardware was still drooling over Geforce2, and Anand chose to painfully explain the issue of image quality - which other reporters were too lazy to attempt. Same goes for the difficult and technicalities detailing the superiority of the Athlon XP over the Pentium 4; Anand took the rough route when other sites found it easier to say "Pentium is awesome, dude".

    You should consider the 'bias' in some articles is in fact "enthousiasm" about the new product/technology - which makes for a more fun-to-read article than blog-like constant bickering.
  • toyota - Wednesday, September 10, 2008 - link

    this is a GREAT card for oem comps. its small and the user can stick with the stock power supply and get a massive increase in fps over integrated graphics. plus these cards will probably be just $50 in a few weeks. Reply
  • drfelip - Wednesday, September 10, 2008 - link

    I performs better than a 3850 and uses less power. When I need to upgrade my 3450 I think I'm going for a 4670. As you can see I don't need much 3D power, though. Reply
  • needystevie - Wednesday, September 10, 2008 - link

    Does this card support hybrid tech? Reply
  • scruffypup - Wednesday, September 10, 2008 - link

    AR, a 3870 can be had for $90-$100 Reply
  • toyota - Wednesday, September 10, 2008 - link

    well the 4670 is only $80 MSRP and will likely be much cheaper in a few days and also likely have rebates or sales. plus the 4670 fits the needs of most oem comp users. its tiny, runs cool, and doesnt need external power. Reply

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