Gaming Performance

Supreme Commander

Supreme Commander is a popular RTS (Real Time Strategy) title that can be very CPU dependent. Our benchmark involves playing back, as fast as possible, a 4-person match and recording the simulation time for the replay in seconds.

We ran Supreme Commander at 1920 x 1200 with High fidelity presets, v-sync was disabled.

Supreme Commander - ATBench Simulation

Here's one area where AMD needs pure clock speed to keep up, even the old X2 6400+ is able to outperform the latest Phenom processors. As long as you have two cores you're golden in Supreme Commander, but AMD's K8 and Phenom architectures are clearly slower under Supreme Commander.


The most demanding FPS on the market right now is Crysis, and we couldn't resist using it as a benchmark. We ran at 1024 x 768 with Medium Quality defaults and used the game's built in CPU benchmark.

Crysis CPU Benchmark

More than anything you're going to be GPU limited with Crysis, but in terms of how well these CPUs handle the workload given to them by the game - Intel continues to take the cake here.

Oblivion: Shivering Isles

Our Oblivion benchmark is the same one we use in our GPU reviews. Oblivion can vary from being CPU limited to GPU limited depending on the scene, we picked one that was GPU limited to illustrate that even with a wide array of CPUs when you're GPU limited, the differences can be little if anything:

Oblivion: Shivering Isles

Half Life 2 Episode Two

Half Life 2: Episode Two

Half Life 2 is obviously more CPU limited these days, and we continue to see that Intel is ahead of the pack when it comes to pure CPU gaming performance.

Photoshop and Valve Multithreaded Game Dev Benchmarks Power Consumption


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  • ap90033 - Thursday, March 27, 2008 - link

    Amen brother, I had the Athlon 64 when it ruled, but now i have E8400 since it smokes AMD's best...

    So I guess I am an AMD/Intel Fan BOY!!!

    No offense but this artlicle had a very strong slant towards AMD, even though Intel destroys their newest and best with a 1+ year old chip. Dont you find that the least bit odd....? If anyone is sounding like a "Fanboy" I would say it would have to be you Mr. Crusader for AMD. LOL

    Dude when you get to where I am you will see, it doesnt matter what the fluff is, get the FACTS and decide with your dollars there... Sheesh...
  • AssBall - Thursday, March 27, 2008 - link

    I thought it was a very well written article. I didn't get any OMGAMDFTW out of it like you apparently did. Your "Man" would not be up already if AMD wasn't still churning these new procs out. Good luck finding those special Intel prices then. Reply
  • Olaf van der Spek - Thursday, March 27, 2008 - link

    > We get the impression that there are some speed paths that could be optimized on the current B2 and B3 Phenoms that simply aren't because of a very sensible thought process.

    I'm wondering why those speed paths haven't been fixed before the first launch. Certainly it wasn't good for AMD to only introduce them at low clock frequencies.
  • Visual - Thursday, March 27, 2008 - link

    It's really disheartening for a "fanboy" like me to see AMD beaten all over the board again.
    I may very well build a system or two with AMD parts because of the 780G chipset and its great budget video performance, but for a full-blown performance system i'll certainly go with Intel now.

    AMD better hurry up with their 45nm tech, its way overdue.
  • Griswold - Thursday, March 27, 2008 - link

    "AMD better hurry up with their 45nm tech, its way overdue."

    You're right, Intel has been selling 45nm parts for like a year now... oh wait, no they havent.

    If you meant overdue as in they need it to (hopefully) achieve higher clock speeds and lower power consumption in addition to lower production cost, then you got that right.

    If they keep their schedule with 45nm, they will have narrowed the gap between process shrinks vs. intel a bit again - which is good. But things like that dont happen overnight.
  • MoonRocket - Thursday, March 27, 2008 - link

    Can anyone identify the case on the 3ghz where are you page?

    Looks interesting.
  • AmberClad - Thursday, March 27, 2008 - link

    It looks like the CoolerMaster Stacker 830 to me. Reply
  • dnz - Thursday, March 27, 2008 - link

    We musn't forget how great an overclocker the Q6600 is. My system is running at 3.2GHz (8x400) and I'm using cheap DDR2-800 RAM. The Q9300 may have some advantages but overclocking it is going to require some VERY expensive RAM. Reply
  • Griswold - Thursday, March 27, 2008 - link

    First you'll need an good mobo that can deliver high FSB for these 45nm quads. RAM is secondary (can always use a divider if needed). Reply
  • ui5200 - Thursday, March 27, 2008 - link

    Maybe this will cause intel to finally release the latest Dual and Quad core chips (oh like the E8400 that's been 'out of stock' for months)? Or is this another paper launch ?

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