The 8800 GT has received numerous accolades for its great balance of price and performance in a single slot. We've also seen in recent reviews that even in a well-ventilated system, the GPU can get quite hot under load, easily peaking above 80C in high-stress testing. Today we review an aftermarket cooler solution for the 8800 GT that promises to reduce that heat.


Thermalright is a company known for high-quality PC cooling products. Their CPU coolers are often the best tested at AnandTech, as is the case now with the Ultra 120 eXtreme, which is at the top of the heap. They can also be behemoths, and the HR-03 GT is no different, tipping the scales at a healthy 410 grams without a fan, underscoring the "go big or go home" philosophy. Let's take a quick look at the specs and installation procedure.  Performance will then be compared to the stock nVidia cooler and to the Sparkle 8800GT, which is another fanless solution.

The HR-03 GT Kit


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  • Wesley Fink - Monday, March 03, 2008 - link

    As you will see in the review we did compare the Thermalright to both the stock nVidia cooler and the Sparkle fanless 8800GT cooler. The results for all three are in the performance chart on page 4.

    I have revised the article a bit to make it clearer that the article compares the Thermalright HR-03, the stock nVidia cooler, and the Sparkle fanless 8800GT.
  • fendell - Monday, March 03, 2008 - link

    It's in the name I guess, ThermalRIGHT? ;)

    I do wonder tho, why didnt you overclock the card and include Temps at various speeds as well?
  • soydeedo - Monday, March 03, 2008 - link

    "I do wonder tho, why didnt you overclock the card and include Temps at various speeds as well?"

    I was wondering the same. When someone is looking for info on such a heavy duty cooler, that should be the obvious test.

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