"Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee and just as hard to sleep after."

This passage from the novel Gift from the Sea by acclaimed writer and aviation pioneer Anne Morrow Lindbergh stirred our thoughts on the many different ways we communicate. While nothing compares to or conveys thoughts or true expressions like face to face communication, it was the telephone that revolutionized our ability to communicate with each other from just about anyplace at anytime. Yes, the printed word, television, and the internet have also revolutionized the means by which we communicate but none of them are as quick or convenient as picking up the ubiquitous telephone.

While we are reviewing the ASUS AiGuru S1 WiFi Skype phone today we will first give a brief overview of Skype's capabilities for our readers who are unfamiliar with the program, as this VoIP phone is designed expressly for the Skype user. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that lets you make or receive a telephone call over an IP based network instead of the traditional analog phone line utilizing your computer, a dedicated VoIP phone, or your traditional phone with an adapter. In its simplest form VoIP utilizes IP addresses in place of phone numbers and a broadband internet connection in place of analog phone wire.

Skype is a proprietary peer-to-peer Internet telephony (VoIP) network system that is the brainchild of Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis, the creators of KaZaA, and is now owned by eBay. Skype is one of the largest VoIP providers in the world with over 100 million subscribers currently. The program is available in 27 different languages and runs on Windows, MAC OS X, and Linux platforms. Skype offers free voice, video conferencing, file transfers, and chat capabilities between Skype users. The software is free and can be downloaded from Skype's website.

Skype differs from other VoIP clients in that it operates on a peer-to-peer model instead of the more traditional server-client model. The Skype user directory is decentralized and distributed among the nodes in the network, which means the network can scale very easily without the cost and complexity of a centralized infrastructure. The program has the ability to route calls through other Skype peers on the network, and this allows it to work behind the majority of firewalls and gateways. Skype's encryption system actively encodes all calls, file transfers, and instant messages end-to-end with either 1536-bit or 2048-bit (subscription services) RSA. Encryption is necessary since all calls or transfers are routed through the public Internet. Further information about Skype's P2P telephony capabilities is available if you'd like to know more.

SkypeOut provides inexpensive per minute subscription charges to users with landline or mobile telephones, although users can make free calls within the US and Canada to both landline and mobile phones until the end of 2006 at this time. SkypeIn allows you to purchase your own regular phone number. This concept allows to you have a local number that anyone can call and you answer in Skype no matter where you are located at the time. If you choose a number in New York City but are staying in London then anyone who is in the same area code that calls your number will not have to pay long distance charges. Anyone outside of your area code (unless they have unlimited long distance service) will still pay for long distance charges to your New York City area code but not to London. You can purchase up to 10 numbers with locations just about anywhere in the world.

Other services include Skype Voicemail, Skype SMS, and Skype Zones (allows Skype communications from supported WiFi hot spots). Note that Skype is not considered a true telephony system and therefore lacks 911 call capability. Also, although the program and usage is free between users, you will need a good microphone, headset, and/or supported VoIP phone before using the service. We have found users with desktop or monitor microphones often have audio feedback issues due to speaker placement, making them a less than ideal solution. Headsets generally work the best although your mileage varies based upon their quality, and Skype specific VoIP phones are now being introduced into the market in volume.

Now let's take a closer look at the basic features of Skype and the performance of the ASUS AiGuru S1 phone.

Basic Features: Skype


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  • Gary Key - Tuesday, July 11, 2006 - link

    I will be switching over to VoIP via our local cable company shortly due to 911 capability, our alarm system, and a great deal on a couple of phones. ;-) If you are unwilling to live with 911 capability and have excellent DSL/Cable uptime then a solution such as Skype is very attractive with a VoIP phone. I know the majority of my business conversations are on Skype at this time along with 99% of conference calls. Until I receive the Linksys and NetGear phones, it will be hard to determine if the sync issues (5~7 second delay) we experienced with landline and cellular phones is an Asus, Skype, or network issue. It happened enough times that it is concerning to me although we never had a call just drop out. I know the issue has not happened with a few of my friends who have VoIP service through the cable company or Vonage so I think it is phone or Skype related. Thank you for the comments. Reply
  • goinginstyle - Tuesday, July 11, 2006 - link

    I enjoyed the article and look forward to more VoIP product reviews. I was quite surprised to see a review like this. Is there any chance you can do a review of the netgear and linksys phones soon? Did you use skype on a linux machine? Reply
  • Gary Key - Tuesday, July 11, 2006 - link

    Thank you for the comments. We might review other products in the future and certainly would like to do a review or comparison of the major VoIP services if there is enough interest in this subject. I have used Skype on a recent SUSE 10.1 install (have to use the latest beta and read the forums). However, the Asus phone only supports Windows 2000 (SP4) or XP (SP2) at this time. Reply
  • mona wayne - Saturday, July 7, 2018 - link

    Skype is a great tool for communicating, it makes it clean for 2 or greater human beings for you to successfully speak as they see one another. This is also for business for Microsoft 365 customers.
    if you having any problem with skype account you can contact Skype support number at http://www.skypesupportphonenumber.com
  • uaewebsite - Monday, November 18, 2019 - link

    Thanks For Sharing Information with us

    There are constantly a few workarounds for you to give them a shot and among them, utilizing a Virtual Private Network or VPN is at the top. It will assist you with veiling the IP address where you are associated with your gadget. It would appear as though the web traffic is beginning from an alternate nation subsequent to utilizing VPN administration on your gadget. Once you are done using these VPN services, then you won’t have to go again to search for how to use Skype in the UAE. ASUS Ai GURU

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