Mushkin 2GB Redline XP4000

Mushkin is a very well-known brand of Enthusiast memory. Most computer hobbyists know Mushkin for their web-based direct memory sales, based in Denver, CO. Direct sales have always been a large part of Mushkin's business, but today, you can buy Mushkin memory at Newegg and other web e-tailers as well.

Several months ago, Mushkin introduced their new Redline heatspreader. With large slots in the top of the heatspreader, it was designed to better dissipate heat than the older closed heatspreaders, which often caused higher temperatures than no heatspreader at all.

There's no mistaking that this is REDline memory; the fire engine red heatspreaders announce this loudly. Under the heatspreaders, you will find Infineon memory chips again, just like almost all the other memories in this roundup. Rated at DDR500, the memory chips used in the Mushkin Redline 2GB kit are Infineon C die, which has a wider overclocking range than B die.


Mushkin rates their DDR500 2GB Redline kit at 3-3-2 timings at DDR500. Those are exactly the timings that we would expect with Infineon C die memory.

Mushkin 2GB Redline XP4000 Memory Specifications
Number of DIMMs & Banks 2 DS
Total Memory
Rated Timings 3-3-2-8 at DDR500
Rated Voltage Standard (2.6V) Voltage
SPD 3-3-2-8

Voltage is rated at standard 2.6V, so you will not need a board with super high vCore to get the most from these memory chips.

Test Results

Mushkin 2GB Redline XP4000 (DDR500) - 2x1GB Double-Bank
CPU Ratio at 2.4GHz Memory
Memory Timings
& Voltage
Sandra UNBuffered Sandra Standard
Super PI 2M places
(time in sec)
Wolfenstein - Radar - Enemy Territory fps
12x200 400DDR 2-3-2-7
538.5 INT 2516
FLT 2658
INT 6027
FLT 6027
82 117.5
11x218 436DDR 2-3-2-7
545.0 INT 2687
FLT 2831
INT 6448
FLT 6375
81 118.5
10x240 480DDR 2.5-3-2-7
549.0 INT 2852
FLT 3017
INT 6721
FLT 6651
80 119.6
9x267 533DDR 3-3-2-7
557.3 INT 3090
FLT 3165
INT 7005
FLT 6923
80 120.8
Highest Mem Speed
DDR 586
593.0 INT 3299
FLT 3536
INT 7658
FLT 7548
73 129.6
To be considered stable for test purposes, Quake3 benchmark, UT2003 Demo, Super PI, Aquamark 3, and Comanche 4 had to complete without incident. Any of these, and in particular Super PI, will crash a less-than stable memory configuration.

The performance of the Mushkin Redline was typically Infineon C, except it was always at the better end of expected C die performance. Mushkin managed DDR436 at CAS2, where some other Infineon chip memory requires CAS2.5. Even at the very top, the Redline ran with complete stability at 3-3-2 timings and never required more than 2.8V for best performance.

The highest overclock with Mushkin Redline was an outstanding DDR586 - the highest overclock of any Infineon based 2GB kit in this review. In fact, only the impossible to buy Crucial Ballistix could reach further. All-in-all, Mushkin Redline was a top performer, achieving the kind of performance and overclocking that will likely satisfy even the most jaded new user of 1 GB DIMMs. Mushkin, like OCZ in Part 1 of the 2GB kit roundup, makes the most of the memory chips used in their memory kits. Effective binning and good quality assurance pay off in a consistent, high-performing 2GB memory kit.

Kingston KHX3200AK2/2G Team XTreem TXDR 1024M400HC2


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  • WouT - Wednesday, January 25, 2006 - link

    I can confirm:

    It would be a good idea to mention this in the article as readers should be informed that this memory is not in production and cannot be replaced by the same part anymore.

    Welcome to Crucial Technology's Expert Online. An Expert Online agent will join you in a moment... Please do not begin typing until you have been connected to an agent.
    Hello, my name is Patrick . How may I help you?
    Ewoud Venmans: I am looking for the fastest available 2GB kit for my ASUS A8R-MVP motherboard
    Patrick : One moment, please, while I review your inquiry.
    The agent is sending you to">
    Patrick : The link provided will take you to a list of memory upgrades that are guaranteed to be compatible, or your money back (shipping not included).

    Is there anything else I can help you with?
    Ewoud Venmans: Ok, but the speeds are only up to PC3200. I am looking for PC4000.
    Ewoud Venmans: Newegg does sell them, but I cannot find these on your site.
    Ewoud Venmans: They should work as well, won't they?
    Patrick : The parts at the top of the list are PC4000.
    Ewoud Venmans: Sorry I only see PC3200 and PC2700 in the list?
    Patrick : Yes, you are right. We don't have the PC400 anymore.
    Ewoud Venmans: And if I click on performance memory I can only see PC4000 1Gb kits, not the 2Gb kits.
    Ewoud Venmans: Ahhh, so if I order those at newegg, I will still have your lifetime guarantee?
    Patrick : If you order that product at New Egg, after 30 days you will not be able to get that product, however we will replace with a product like PC3200 or give you a In Store Credit.
    Ewoud Venmans: Hmm, so you stopped producing these and won't introduce PC4000 1GB modules anymore?
    Patrick : Not in DDR. We will in DDR2.
    Ewoud Venmans: Ok, thank you Patrick! You have answered all what I wanted to know.
    Patrick : You're welcome. Thank you for visiting, and have a great day.

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