We previously discussed R580 in some detail. A recent ATI advisory sent out to AIBs claims that R580 will utilize a 90nm process, just like R520. RV535, ATI's successor to the X1000 midrange segment, was also included in that advisory. Rather than 65nm or 90nm, the advisory claims that RV535 will utilize an 80nm process. Although this process size seems non-conventional, both ATI and NVIDIA had products based on unusual processes before, such as ATI's R410 110nm chip.

Both of ATI's main foundries, TSMC and UMC, have production facilities capable of 80nm production. Both of these facilities are capable of 65nm production, but for now this seems reserved to prototypes as mass production 65nm only exists for Intel and IBM. Neither ATI nor NVIDIA have foundries of their own, so the leap to 65nm on graphics may have to wait while TSMC and UMC play catch up.



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