Perhaps twenty or even just ten years ago, people thought of a computer case as simply pieces of metal holding the components in their proper places; nothing more. Today, however, things are pretty different. As computers become more and more commonplace, average people are starting to be more concerned with concepts such as airflow patterns, better heat-dissipating materials, or sound-dampening drive mounts - all things increasingly needed to keep today's high-wattage powerhouses cool and quiet.

Also, popularity of computers in general is quite possibly the cause for the biggest shift in case design, which is improved asthetics. As computers occupy more places in our everyday lives, people are less interested in large, beige, boxy eyesores, and much more interested in finding a machine that fits in with its surroundings and incorporates the type of features that a true enthusiast values.

In order to serve our readers better, we have decided that it makes more sense to have a review of a comparative analysis of multiple cases than an extremely close look at an individual case that we receive. Today, we're focusing on a range of cases that we feel best represents a popular price point - between $60 and $150 - and have selected cases that most of our readers either are seriously considering or we feel should be considered. This all being said, several of the cases that we are looking at in this article are unique enough to certainly write several pages about them, but we are going to try to condense the information and present it in as concise a manner as possible.

We'll look at the cases in order of cost, least expensive to most expensive.

Aspire X-Cruiser


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  • xsilver - Thursday, September 8, 2005 - link

    just because you like the "stealth" look it doesnt mean everybody else does
    why is there a market for car neons?
    why is there a market for phone covers and ringtones?

    but good god, that thermalrock case needs to DIAF! :P
  • smn198 - Thursday, September 8, 2005 - link


    why is there a market for car neons?

    why is there a market for phone covers and ringtones?">Chavs
  • imaheadcase - Thursday, September 8, 2005 - link

    Well its evident there is a market, but your comparing apples to oranges. Its computer part not something everyone builds themselves. If you have people buying power ranger cases that built computers, then they need a new hobbie.. Reply
  • xsilver - Thursday, September 8, 2005 - link

    who says you have to build a system yourself?
    dont your local pc store (not best buy etc) stock their cases from somewhere?
    if some 10 year old (or some tryhard that doesnt know how to build his own) wants a pc, what case is he going to choose, crappy bling neons or real aluminium?

    dont get me wrong -- I prefer stealth too - but I do realize that there is a market for crappy neons :P
  • raildogg - Thursday, September 8, 2005 - link

    ThermalRock Eclipse looks sweet, although I'd still get a P-180.

    why would you pay that much for the V1000? rather get a cheaper case like a P-180

    oh and primo posto! :)
  • OvErHeAtInG - Thursday, September 8, 2005 - link

    I was going to to correct you with "primer poste" until I realized you typed the Italian... a race fan should know... *hits himself...* Reply
  • ksherman - Thursday, September 8, 2005 - link

    I personally dont think any case should be worth so much... unless it was the MOST amazing theng ever to hit the world... which I dont think the V1000 lives up to. I personally dont like the look of the Eclipse... to flashy, and it actually looks kind of cheap. But it might look different in person. I am a big fan of the Sonata 1 so, I would guess the #2 would be better, but it doesnt seem to include a PSU from what I have seen... Reply
  • Furen - Thursday, September 8, 2005 - link

    The Sonata 2 does include a PS: a SmartPower 2.0 450w. The problem with it is the fact that it's quite a bit louder than the original TruePower and the TruePower2 of the newer Sonatas. Reply

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