We've been looking at NVIDIA's 7800 GTX graphics cards lately, and the different vendor modifications have shown some impressive performance results. NVIDIA is still the reigning champion of graphics cards right now, and has been since the release of the 7800 series. While the 7800 GTX has more than proven NVIDIA's capabilities, it's also managed to make gamers on a budget cringe when thinking about buying one. With the lowest 7800 GTXs at around $500, many PC owners are finding it very hard to justify owning one, no matter how powerful it is.

But now there's some good news. Aiming for another group of consumers, NVIDIA has decided to release a slightly less powerful (and less expensive) version of the G70: the 7800 GT. This could mean lower prices for potentially not-so-much-less performance, and we're very interested to see what these cards are capable of.

We've already looked at how the 7800 GT ranks alongside the GTX and other graphics cards, including dual-card SLI setups, and you can take a look at the review here. We've seen how, performance-wise, the 7800 GT falls in between the 7800 GTX and 6800 Ultra, and in these next reviews, we will be looking at the different 7800 GTs and comparing them much like we did with the 7800 GTXs. There will be some changes, however, with fewer reviews that will cover more than one card.

In this article, the first of the NVIDIA 7800 GT reviews, we'll be looking at the XFX GeForce 7800 GT Overclocked. As with the 7800 GTX, we will be doing a series of articles focusing on individual aspects of each of the different vendor cards that we can get a hold of, and comparing them to each other as time goes on. We'll be looking at performance, as well as power load, heat, and noise levels, and also how the different cards overclock. As always, price will be one of the biggest factors in how these cards compare, and we'll be keeping you updated on price trends as we review each card.

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  • KayKay - Tuesday, August 30, 2005 - link

    I had made up my mind well before this article, but it pretty much seals the deal for me now. definitely going with this video card
  • g33k - Tuesday, August 30, 2005 - link

    How do I know if this is a worthy upgrade from a 6800ultra? How much of a percentage increase would I see?
  • GhandiInstinct - Tuesday, August 30, 2005 - link

    It's not, as for percentage increase, you know there are about a hundred or more benchmarks on this card all over the internet, if you care to even look.

    If you have an ultra, the 7800 won't make your games that much better looking, if you're concerned about future games, wait for more next-gen gpu offerings.

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