SATA's cost per GB fell another $0.05 this month on average; to as low as $0.43 per GB in the 250GB sector. 7200RPM PATA drives were generally about $0.42 per GB, which gives SATA narrowest margin cost per GB yet. Maxtor continues to lead the pack with its 200GB DiamondMax 10 [RTPE: 6B200M0], although there are slightly cheaper drives in the 250GB range as well. Hard drive pricing is probably one of the most predictable models as this point - particularly if the one year plot of the 6B200M0 is any measure:

Maxtor SATA 200GB 7200RPM 8MB DiamondMax 10

If you're interested in seeing the exact cost per GB (accurate to the minute), check RTPE here. Another drive that has lead the drop in cost per GB on our SATA drives is the Seagate SATA 250GB 7200.8 [RTPE: ST3250823AS] The 7200.8 isn't the cheapest 250GB drive right now, but if you click on the RTPE link and scroll down, you'll see the cost per GB is still very competitive. We have been watching this drive very closely, and again this drive takes our pick as the SATA II all around drive.

Seagate SATA 250GB 7200RPM 8MB Barracuda 7200.8

For whatever reason Western Digital always gets their own little mention for the grossly expensive, exceedingly forward thinking Raptor series [RTPE: WD Raptor]; a feat that no manufacturer has really duplicated yet. The price on these Raptor drives has remained nearly a constant $180 for almost two years, but for the first time last month we noticed a $20 rebate at some vendors bringing the price down to about $165. At this price you are still better off sticking with the Raptor over, say, a SCSI alternative since you won't need to buy a separate SCSI controller - but the gap does continue to narrow!

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  • KristopherKubicki - Monday, August 29, 2005 - link

    Eh, we are kinda blowing away the SATA II section. They will be 1.5GBps and 3.0GBps sections next month.

  • mechBgon - Monday, August 29, 2005 - link


  • 4AcesIII - Monday, August 29, 2005 - link

    And since when did Maxtor make only ata100 drives, I was under the impression that they were ata133. It gets to be more and more that Anandtech can't find their rear with both hands and a mirror. Anand's where we review it even though we have no idea what the hell we're doing. Reply
  • KristopherKubicki - Monday, August 29, 2005 - link

    So... you know that the ATA133 spec from Maxtor isn't real right?


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