SPEC - Per-Core Performance under Load

A metric that is actually more interesting than isolated single-thread performance, is actually per-thread performance in a fully loaded system. This actually is a measurement and benchmark figure that would greatly interest enterprises and customers which are running software or workloads that are possibly licensed on a per-core basis, or simply workloads that require a certain level of per-thread service level agreement in terms of performance.

It’s also here where AMD’s new low-core count SKUs are extremely interesting, allowing to really distinguish themselves:

SPEC2017 Rate-N Estimated Per-Thread Performance (1S)

Starting off with the EPYC 7343 and the 7443, what’s really interesting to see here is that they’re both well keeping up with the more expensive 75F3 SKU in terms of per-thread performance. The EPYC 7343 actually outperforms the 7443 in the FP test suite because it has 33% less cores to share the L3 cache, and 50% less cores it has to share the DRAM resources against.

The 72F3 here also showcases its extreme positioning in the SKU stack, having the full 32MB L3 dedicated to a single core, and with the full 8-channel DRAM resources shared only amongst 8 cores, it results it outstandingly good per-thread performance. The chip when running 2 threads per core actually still outperforms the per-thread performance of other higher density core count SKUs running only 1 thread per core.

A good visualisation of the socket throughput versus per-thread performance metrics is plotting the various datapoints in a chart on those two axes:

For today’s review, the 7763 and 75F3 move further to the right and higher than they were before, while the new 7443 and 7343 showcase a quite stark competitive situation against Intel’s Xeon 6330.

The Xeon 6330 costs $1894, while the 7443 and 7343 respectively land in at $2010 and $1563. In terms of socket throughput, the Intel chip roughly matches the 16-core AMD counterpart, while the AMD chip is showcasing 48-75% better performance per thread. The 24-core 7443 showcases 26-32% more socket performance while also at the same time having 47-54% better per-thread performance, while only being priced 6% higher. It seems that it’s clear which designs provide the better value.


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  • DannyH246 - Thursday, July 1, 2021 - link

    lol - no need to be subtle about it. www.IntelTech.com has been doing this for years.
  • Qasar - Thursday, July 1, 2021 - link

    hilarious, go back to wccftech then danny
  • whatthe123 - Friday, June 25, 2021 - link

    good god man, the review quite literally posts hard numbers of epyc simply thrashing xeon in performance even on a per core basis, and you think they're worried that intel will retaliate against them if they don't say something nice about one corner of a segment of performance?

    what is it about technology that attracts cultists?
  • Threska - Saturday, June 26, 2021 - link

    There's a reason the PCMasterRace forum exists.
  • msroadkill612 - Sunday, June 27, 2021 - link

    "Cultists" - I like it :)

    So true, & on many levels. I see strangely neurotic behaviour from such an allegedly smart & rational demographic.

    As a group, they are prone to be great at rattling off streams of presumably accurate numbers and jargon, but arrive at childishly naive conclusions, & ask the wrong questions based plain wrong premises.
  • devione - Sunday, June 27, 2021 - link

    Jesus Christ man. Grow some fucking balls. If you're going to call out Anandtech for being biased at least be straightforward and frank. No need to write an essay trying to couch and justify and be obtuse about it
  • Makste - Monday, July 5, 2021 - link

  • Oxford Guy - Friday, June 25, 2021 - link

    What are the RAM timings? I don’t see that information in the charts.
  • Andrei Frumusanu - Saturday, June 26, 2021 - link

    These are standardised PC4-3200AA-RB2-12 sticks, running at JEDEC timings.

  • Oxford Guy - Monday, June 28, 2021 - link

    Thank you. And the other systems tested?

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