Over the course of the past week, we went through an extensive recode of the RealTime Price Engine front end, in preparation to move the entire beta search capability off PHP/MySQL and onto ASP.NET/MSSQL. As a result, we have seen some interesting boosts in performance in several areas, but also unforeseen drawbacks in performance in others. We are real close to deploying the RTPE into AnandTech’s environment, so expect some pretty awesome changes to the engine in the next few weeks as we continue to migrate!

Also, feel free to check out our QuickSearch RSS feed to get a real time, abbreviated update on all of the best prices in our search engine. You also have the ability to suggest links for RTPE database here. As always, comments and suggestions are extremely appreciated.

Remember that on the AnandTech Price Engine, the graphs and charts from each page continually update, although the content does not.

Since our last CPU guide in January, Intel released the Pentium 6xx lineup and slowly began the trickle of 533FSB Pentium M processors out into the mass markets. AMD also made some significant changes to its product lineup by introducing the Turion 64 initiative; but unfortunately, over a month has rolled by and we are still waiting to see some retail samples.

Intel Pentium 4


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  • bupkus - Sunday, March 27, 2005 - link

    I'm curious why Anandtech decided to move from PHP/MySQL to ASP.NET/MSSQL. Reply

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