We expected Chenbro to send us a sample of a case that lived up to the rest of their product line. We also expected Chenbro to introduce to us a mid-tower PC chassis that would include the features which we had seen in Chenbro's other cases such as the Xpider II. Instead, Chenbro sent us a product that exceeded our expectations and took our breath away!

From the various pictures and feature lists that we have come across, we grew even more anxious to get our hands on the Gaming Bomb II. Taking a look back, the Gaming Bomb I was based on a design pre-dating the Xpider II. The Xpider II had the same general internal layout as the GB, but added a larger HDD mount to hold two more 3-1/2" drives for a total of four HDDs. The only other aspect that changed was the external look; the left side panel and front bezels were both custom-designed for the theme of the Xpider II.

With the introduction of the new Gaming Bomb II, we expected Chenbro to continue using steel for the body and plastic for the bezel as it had for many of its other cases. Instead, we received a case that had the looks of something for which only an enthusiast would feel comfortable spending. Here is a quick peek at the Gaming Bomb II.

Chenbro Gaming Bomb II
The Good
+ Lightweight aluminum design
+ Front Panel USB, Audio, FireWire
+ Tool-less features throughout
+ Integrated Cable Management (ICMTM) system
+ FlexiBayTM removable/pivoting HDD cage
+ Removable motherboard tray
The Bad
- Price
- No tool-less HDD bays

So, what exactly makes the Gaming Bomb II so amazing besides the obvious change in looks as well as construction? As soon as we signed for the box delivered by UPS, we ripped the case out of its packaging and jumped right in! Take a look at why we are so excited about this Chenbro creation.

More information is available on the Gaming Bomb II at Chenbro's website.

External Design


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  • CrystalBay - Tuesday, December 14, 2004 - link

    Nice case,but I'll wait for a cheap knockoff, or a CM Stacker. That infrared heat graph is a nice effect though. Reply
  • Operandi - Tuesday, December 14, 2004 - link

    Looks like a very nice case with horribly loud fans.

    Purav; For future reviews it would be nice if you would include more information on the fans, make model, RPM, CFM, ect.

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