Some Test Cases

Our new benchmark wouldn't be very useful if we didn't have any test cases, would it? As we mentioned on the previous page, the average frames per second of a game might not reflect accurately what occurs in the game, even if the average results are very higher. Please note that we are anticipating a full benchmark of almost a dozen ATI and NVIDIA cards in the next few weeks - this is just a sample of what our benchmark utility is capable of. Both graphs below are taken with the same "radar" Wolfenstien radar timedemo.

Wolfenstien: Enemy Territory - GeForceFX 5950 Ultra

Wolfenstien: Enemy Territory - GeForceFX 5600SE

The graph below is just an overlay of the above two graphs.

Wolfenstien: Enemy Territory - Overlay

We can really see those dips in the graphs where some IO is occurring and bogging down the graphic cards. We have observed much unusual phenomenon on some of these demo graphs. One thing that we can immediately digest from the 5950 Ultra graph is the 90FPS ceiling - the card is more capable, but Wolfenstien is configured to limit the video card at 85FPS. Notice also that around the 73rd second, the FX5600 hits a local minimum while the FX5950 hits the 85FPS ceiling. We will discuss these sorts of details more with the preliminary video card roundup.

Oh, yes, and of course, we have this graph to show you too.

Wolfenstien: Enemy Territory Comparison

Average FPS graphs are fine, but if we really want to convey some thorough and hard data sampling, we have to use average FPS in conjunction with line plots.

Why Average Frames Per Second Can Be Misleading IQ Testing and Final Words


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  • skiboysteve - Friday, September 24, 2004 - link

    this is absolutly excellent work Reply
  • MNKyDeth - Friday, September 24, 2004 - link

    I cannot wait for the Linux gpu roundup. I have already been waiting in anticipation for weeks since I first heard there was gonna be one.
    I know most people do not feel linux is a gaming OS but it is the only OS I use and I use it mainly for gaming so this should be very informative for someone like me.
    I must applaud Anandtech for there early adoption in doing reviews on linux and putting out consistent reviews over time.
    Thx, Anandtech, your the #1 tech site on the web imo.
  • Avalon - Friday, September 24, 2004 - link

    Although not a Linux user, I find this a much more informative approach to benching video cards. If it's worth anything, I approve wholeheartedly. Reply

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