Quick Look
Cooler Master Centurion 5 The Good

+ Front panel audio/USB/FireWire
+ Included 350W Cooler Master Power Supply
+ Five 5-1/4" drive bays
+ Five 3-1/2" drive bays (1 exposed)
+ Tool-less drive bays/expansion slots
The Bad
- No removable motherboard tray
- Unclear documentation

We have seen many variations in the external look of desktop and mid-tower cases. Some of these had clean, elegant designs that were extremely attractive, while a handful of others were designed with themes that were extremely unattractive and did not appeal to AnandTech readers at all.

From the comments posted, we came to the conclusion that the majority of our readers, instead of having a fancy-looking product lacking the features that they need, would rather have a case with a very simple look and with only those certain features that they can't do without during their regular use.

Cooler Master has five mid-tower chassis in their line and all have a design that is simple, yet tasteful. They were kind enough to send us a sample of the latest in their Centurion series, the Centurion 5, to test out and compare with past products that we have reviewed. The Centurion 5 is similar in internal design to NZXT's Guardian. We will look at what puts Cooler Master's product apart from the Guardian and others.

External Design


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  • Degrador - Wednesday, September 01, 2004 - link

    Umm... An 80mm fan rated at 13dB?? Might wanna change that to 33dB (I assume) - half way down page 4... Reply

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