Unreal Tournament 2003 Benchmark

Just to keep the DX8 performance page a little cleaner, we decided to give UT2K3 its own page. There is still a good bit of DX7 in UT2K3 code as well, so it's not completely unprecedented.

Anyway, Under the flyby (which is traditionally GPU limited with faster processors), we see the Celeron 335 once again putting in numbers at the top of the heap. The Athlon XP and Celeron D processors are fairly well matched here.

But looking at the Botmatch benchmark numbers tells a different story. We see the Athlon processors sitting well above the Celeron Ds. Of course, the Prescott core processors still hold their own and maintain a position well above the Northwood Celerons. The 20x100 Celeron D has a 14% performance advantage over the 2.0GHz Celeron in Botmatch.

Since Botmatch is more like actual game play, we would expect that the Athlon processors would perform better when actually playing UT2K3.

Unreal Tournament 2003 Flyby

Unreal Tournament 2003 Botmatch

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  • eBauer - Thursday, June 24, 2004 - link

    I'd be very interested to see overclocked performance between the 335 and Mobile 2600+ Reply
  • MAME - Thursday, June 24, 2004 - link

    HAHAHHA! It's backkkkkkkkkkkk! Reply
  • MAME - Thursday, June 24, 2004 - link

    FYI: Later pages don't load.

    I wonder what the price of these Celerons will be. I have a feeling AMD will still corner the budget market, even without the Sempron's anyway.
  • Avila001 - Monday, July 30, 2018 - link

    Intel hired marketing firm Lexicon Branding, which had originally come up with the name Pentium, to devise a name for the new product as well. The San Jose Mercury News described Lexicon's reasoning behind the name they chose: Celer is Latin for swift. As in accelerate. And on. As in turned on. Celeron is seven letters and three syllables, like Pentium. The Cel of Celeron rhymes with tel of Intel. Reply

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