With the demise of Comdex, Computex has become even more important and thus it should be no surprise to you, the AnandTech reader, that there's tons of coverage in store. All this week you'll be reading live coverage from the show floor, in addition to reviews of some highly anticipated products being launched at Computex.

We managed to score some very interesting information right before the official start of the show, so much in fact that we decided to start our Computex coverage early. Want to see pictures and read specs of NVIDIA's NV45? How about a whole slew of PCI Express chipsets? Quad Band Memory and BTX motherboards, both for the eyes to feast upon and more, all in our first installment of Computex 2004 coverage.

We'll spare you the boring introduction, we all know Computex is a wonderful show and that Taipei is incredibly humid this time of the year, but what we don't know is all about a little chip called NV45...



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  • JGF - Monday, May 31, 2004 - link

    Wheee! Love the early stuff but really the meat and potatoes of this computex, at least for me, is going to be the new amd processers and and amd info regarding PCI-E and AMD64 chipsets. Reply
  • Da3dalus - Monday, May 31, 2004 - link

    That K8 Combo board is quite interesting. If you'd have a board like that with support for either Socket 939 or 754 CPU, along with support for both AGP 8X and PCI-Express, then that would be really cool for transitioning/upgrading...

    Not something I'd expect to see anytime soon, but it would be cool :)
  • mjz5 - Monday, May 31, 2004 - link

    just stick with an A64 939 pin CPU, and you'll be happy. Intel == crap! Reply

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