A Closer Look at VIA K8T800 PRO

The K8T800 was covered in detail in our launch review for Athlon 64 motherboards. Additional coverage was provided in the Socket 940 roundup at AnandTech. The K8T800 is very competitive in features, and the PRO version is essentially the same chipset.

The only real differences in the K8T800 and the K8T800 PRO are the increase in HyperTransport speed to 1000MHz and the addition of a PCI/AGP lock to the BIOS options of the K8T800 PRO. Both these features should make the PRO version of the K8T800 much more appealing to computer enthusiasts.

This is VIA's first use of an AGP/PCI lock on an Athlon chipset and it is long overdue. We first saw this feature used by VIA on the PT880 chipset released several weeks ago. VIA tells us that all future VIA chipsets will include the ability to lock internal buses when FSB is increased.

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  • bigtoe33 - Thursday, May 6, 2004 - link

    Come on guys its the first look at a reference board.Reviews will come with all boards compared etc.

    The question you should ask is why abit hasn't implemented the lock on the new pro board they just released?
  • ceefka - Thursday, May 6, 2004 - link

    #2 quite right

    Question: Will Firewire suffer from the fact that it is not on-board? Will anything else suffer from the fact that Firewire will then have to be supported with an additional chip?

    To stretch the importance of Firewire for the home-user. I believe that a lot of people own MiniDV camera's in and a year or so most analog videocams will be replaced with digital cams. Most of them work best with Firewire. I haven't seen any models that work explicitly with USB 2.0 so far.
  • Cygni - Thursday, May 6, 2004 - link

    There arent any Socket 940 boards based on the 250 chipset in the open market right now. Reply
  • wicktron - Thursday, May 6, 2004 - link

    im disappointed that it wasnt compared against nf3-250 boards. Reply
  • wicktron - Thursday, May 6, 2004 - link

    weeeeee Reply

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