A Closer Look at ATI 9100 IGP PRO

The original 9100 IGP now grows to 3 offerings with the RS350.

Most interesting is the new Radeon 9100 IGP PRO, which was designed for better performance to compete fully with the current Intel 865/875 chipsets and the upcoming 915 chipset for Prescott. Like the original 9100 IGP, the PRO version is designed for Dual-Channel memory. ATI is also introducing an economy Single-Channel version of the new chipset, which is called 9000 IGP PRO. 9100 designates Dual Channel, while 9000 is used for Single-Channel.

Along with the new PRO Northbridge, there is also an enhanced IXP 320 Southbridge, which adds additional USB ports and SATA drive support to the chipset.

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AnandTech covered the original 9100 IGP board in our review of the Shuttle XPC ST61G4. Shuttle was an ATI launch partner in the original RS300 launch. Compared to the RS300, the new PRO chipset provides several new features:

North Bridge
  • Enhanced System Performance
  • Optimized AGP 8X Performance
  • Improved Memory Timings
  • Increased DDR-400 Compatibility
South Bridge IXP 320
  • 2X SATA
  • SATA RAID 0,1
  • 8X USB 2.0
Except for the new Southbridge features, RS350 is mainly about performance improvements to the RS300 core.

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  • araczynski - Monday, May 3, 2004 - link

    Who that comes to this site give a flying f*ck about integrated graphics?? Whether you're comparing a Yugo GV or a Yugo GVX, ITS STILL A FRICKING YUGO!!!

    where are the x800 bencharks?? that's what we care about.
  • Regs - Monday, May 3, 2004 - link

    To bad the 2.8 Prescott's are worthless considering how they hardly out shine their Northwood counter parts. But it's interesting to see how a Prescott tweaked mobo performed. Reply
  • Marsumane - Monday, May 3, 2004 - link

    Integrated graphics that still suck!
    Although they are just like the comparison between the 9800xt and the 6800u. 2x as fast)
  • MAME - Monday, May 3, 2004 - link

    nVidia -> King of AthlonXPs
    ATI -> King of Prescotts

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