When benchmarking the PC-V1000, we tested the temperatures of key components, including the actual CPU temperature, the actual temperature inside the heatsink, the temperatures of the DDR, Northbridge, Southbridge, HDD, PSU, and the ambient temperature inside the case, all during normal operation. During our testing, the PSU and CPU heatsink fans remain on to measure temperatures during normal system operations.

Gigabyte GA-7VRX
AMD Athlon MP 2100+
2 x 128 DDR Corsair XMS 2400
ThermalTake Volcano 7
Seagate Cheetah 10000RPM
Inno3D GeForce4 Ti 4200
TTGI 4 Fan 520W

Thermometer Positions

The thermal readings for the key components and points on the motherboard during operation were as follows:

Lian Li PC-V1000
 System On-Time  CPU  Heatsink  HDD  DDR  Northbridge  Southbridge  Power Supply  System Ambient
10 50.1 31.2 24.3 33.2 35.6 34.5 25.1 25.4
30 51.3 33.1 25.1 35.1 36.8 35.9 27.5 26.6

Opus Technologies, Inc. MT-200
 System On-Time  CPU  Heatsink  HDD  DDR  Northbridge  Southbridge  Power Supply  System Ambient
10 52.5 37.5 28.8 34.3 39.1 39.3 29.3 29.7
30 53.7 39.0 29.5 36.8 40.2 39.9 31.2 30.4

NZXT Guardian
 System On-Time  CPU  Heatsink  HDD  DDR  Northbridge  Southbridge  Power Supply  System Ambient
10 53.4 36.7 30.5 37.1 40.2 39.9 29.8 31.9
30 55.3 37.5 33.2 38.5 41.8 41.2 31.9 35.1

We were surprised to see the PC-V1000 do so well in our heat tests. We were expecting the temperatures to be a bit warmer than the PC-6070, mainly due to the partitioned design; the top 2/3 partition could not receive any active air intake, since the intake was placed in the bottom 1/3 partition with the 3-1/2" HDD bays. We believe that the machined-out holes at the front and back of the chassis helped circulate air better than if the case were completely sealed.

The temperatures of all of the components measured were, on average, about 3-4 degrees lower than Opus Technologies MT-200 and about 4-5 degrees lower than the NZXT Guardian.

We predicted the PC-V1000 to emit more noise than any other chassis with two 120mm case fans. We were again surprised to find out the results. We measured the noise level of the MT-200 12" away from the closed chassis with the power supply fan turned off. Take a look at our results.

 Case  dBA
Lian Li PC-V1000 46
Opus Technologies MT-200 56
NZXT Guardian 49
Ahanix Black Knight X195 50
Lian Li PC-6070 44

The PC-V1000 was almost as quiet as the PC-6070, which had the sound dampening foam on the inside. The pair of 120mm case fans helped to reduce noise levels, especially with the machined holes all throughout the front bezel.

Installation Final Thought


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