Looking at a H370 Motherboard: the GIGABYTE H370N-WiFi


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  • satai - Tuesday, April 3, 2018 - link

    iX does make sense only inside a segment. You can't suppose, that i7 for ultrabooks is comparable to i7 fo HEDT. This is not a technical term, it's marketing term. If you expect anything else... Reply
  • A5 - Tuesday, April 3, 2018 - link

    ...yeah. Getting *this* upset about a company's branding strategy is nuts. Reply
  • xrror - Tuesday, April 3, 2018 - link

    fine, i guess I was nuts back when they did this with Sandy Bridge mobile. I'll consider myself chastised and STFU as you wish. Reply
  • Ratman6161 - Tuesday, April 3, 2018 - link

    It bothers me because I'm involved in purchasing PC's for the company. Users always complaining because they bought the marketing and think what we are getting them is crap because it doesn't have an i7 sticker on it. Reply
  • PeachNCream - Tuesday, April 3, 2018 - link

    Tell them they need to be more productive and waste less time so the company is more profitable an can afford to purchase i7 laptops. Reply
  • close - Tuesday, April 3, 2018 - link

    Intel's "mobile" branding was always a clusterfuuu. They just relied on the reputation the desktop parts had and used the same branding and very similar model numbers to sell castrated CPUs with lower core count and much lower frequency that delivered nothing like the desktop ones. Reply
  • satai - Tuesday, April 3, 2018 - link

    @close - how can anybody with a basic knowledge of HW expect, that a 15W part is going to perform similary to a 90W one? Reply
  • Ratman6161 - Tuesday, April 3, 2018 - link

    Because they have no idea that one is 15W and the other is 90W. The other thing they have no clue about is that in my experience most mobile cpu;s are going to spend very little time at the advertised turbo speed. They will start thermal throttling almost instantly Reply
  • close - Wednesday, April 4, 2018 - link

    @satai, so you mean the millions of people who go to a store or a website and buy a laptop know that it uses a 15W CPU and not a 65 or 95W CPU? Is this a joke?

    Most people hear about Intel or i7 and then go for the laptop that has that. And Intel capitalizes on the
  • close - Wednesday, April 4, 2018 - link

    *Crappy 1997 comment system.

    Intel capitalizes on the confusion this creates. And it takes more than basic HW knowledge. Most people don't spend their days on tech websites. You would probably make the same mistakes in a field you're not familiar with.

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