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Before running DisplayMate and our subjective analysis of the LCD, we ran ColorVision's Spyder and OptiCal software. Not only does this accurately calibrate the monitor on the DVI and analog interface, but it also gives us specific luminescence information not obtainable though subjective analysis. Special thanks to our friends at Color Vision for providing us with both a Color Vision Spyder and their OptiCal software.

Our test bed uses a Radeon 9800 XT video card. We use the factory included DVI cable for this portion of the benchmark. Resolutions are on the native 1600x1200.

Just like our last ColorVision benchmark, we have a few expectations:
  • There is a slight problem reproducing reds; when we sit down our 2001FP and the Samsung 213T next to each other, the Samsung has a bluish/green tint.
  • The brightness of the two monitors is about the same; the 213T might be a little brighter.
  • The 213T produces darker darks than the 2001FP.
  • And here is what our Spyder and OptiCal software has to say:

    As we can see, there is a definite similarity between the 213T color balance of the 192T. The luminance was right about where we expected; better than the 2001FP. Even through excessive calibration we still have the same problem showing up with red that seems to appear with just about every LCD. It seems as though our 2001FP has spoiled us into forgetting the same problems we had with color replication on the 192T.

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    • araczynski - Friday, February 20, 2004 - link

      so the bottom line is that for the serious gamer there's still no reason to get an LCD. Reply
    • PrinceGaz - Friday, February 20, 2004 - link

      Do you have any CRT monitor reviews coming up or only LCD ones? Reply
    • damage75 - Friday, August 5, 2011 - link

      I have been running two 213T monitors continuously for 7 years. Both displays, including the CCFL's are working perfectly. Zero dead or stuck pixels. If there is a diminished brightness, which there has to be, it is not causally visible.

      I think I am tempting fate by posting this ;-)

      The only negative items are these:

      1) I bought them when very first available - $1600.00 each.
      2) After about 5 years one monitor became unable to hold it's weight. It would slump. Even after disassembly and reassembly it would not hold it's position. This "can" be corrected, but frankly at this point I can live with it.

      In 2004 I blew away my colleagues with two amazing 21.3" PVA monitors (powered by a 9800XT). Here we are in 2011 and they are still running perfectly. I know I am "lucky", but it is worthwhile to post that they are still in use and still excellent monitors. I would like to thank Anand and Samsung for this outstanding purchase. Even at that very high cost, they have amortized themselves into nearly free service. The points made by Anand are true - slow response and the black level is not optimum. That has not affected my pleasure/perforamnce with using them.

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