It's been almost two months since we took a close look at the SiS 755 chipset for the Athlon 64. After comparing it to other chipsets on the market, we awarded the SiS 755 our Editor's Choice award for the best Athlon 64 chipset. As impressed as we were with the SiS 755 Reference Board, it has taken quite a while for production motherboards to actually make it to market. The first to appear was the ECS 755-A, a value board that is selling in the US for about $80. We were not impressed with our early sample of the 755-A, since it ran our standard DDR400 at DDR333 speed, so we asked ECS if this would be the final board. ECS told us that they would be updating the 755-A very quickly to the 755-A2, a revision tweaked for best performance of the 755 chipset. We, therefore, decided to wait for a review until the 755-A2 was available.

The 755-A2 is a better performer than the earlier 755-A, with performance more on par with the SiS 755 Reference Board, and that is not faint praise. We also found no problems with Revision A2 running DDR400 memory at rated speed. It is still a value board in the Socket 754 Athlon 64 market, and it will likely find itself paired with many of the lower-priced 3000+ and 3200+ A64 processors. However, the SiS 755 Reference Board in our earlier review distinguished itself by being the fastest Socket 754 chipset that we had yet tested. It was also the only chipset with full support for the 800 (1600MT/s) Hypertransport bus combined with a working AGP/PCI lock. With that in mind, we will find out how the ECS 755-A2 compares to the best Athlon 64 boards that we have tested.

ECS 755-A2: Board Layout


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  • KillaKilla - Friday, January 30, 2004 - link

    NFS4- I agree, newegg support/ruturning is quite excelent.

    When is the Asus version coming out? They're generally better than ECS.

    Why did they use the 9800Pro-128? Why not the XT? I would think that to test the MB/CPU combo you would want to eliminate as much of other bottlenecks as posible.
  • gglawits - Friday, January 30, 2004 - link

    When one clicks the "Buy it from ioCombo for $84.95" link, what comes up is the 755-A, not the 755-A2.

    Some people might not notice the difference and order the old 755-A anyway. Major goof-up.

    Either remove that link altogether or make it point to a 755-A2.
  • microAmp - Friday, January 30, 2004 - link

    What board did you get in replacement NFS4?

    I returned my ECS board back to NewEgg too and settled for the ASUS K8V.
  • NFS4 - Friday, January 30, 2004 - link

    After getting burned with "DDR333 only" support on my 755-A (even after ECS plastered stickers on the box and specs on the website claiming DDR400 support), I won't be going with them any time soon.

    Good thing NewEgg took back my board even though it was past NewEgg's 30 day warranty period. Shows you what a good company NewEgg is and how they look out for their customers. ECS, are you listening?

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