NCIX filed for bankruptcy last Friday after closing down its last walk-in retail store. The exact reasons why the company had run out of money are not disclosed officially, but chatter indicates that NCIX spent too much on retail stores and too little on improving the efficiency of its online business.

NCIX (or Netlink Computer Inc.) was founded in 1996 by Steve Wu in Burnaby, British Columbia. Initially, NCIX was a walk-in retail outlet, but in 1997 the company began to sell products online, attracting customers both from Canada and the US. Over the years, NCIX established multiple walk-in stores in Canada and expanded its online business in North America to a point when it had to build a distribution center in California to serve its customers from the US. faster and cheaper. For years, the company has competed both against traditional retailers as well as against online rivals like Amazon and Newegg. NCIX survived multiple PC retailers in Canada, which encouraged it to focus on “real” stores. So instead of investing in online sales assets (such as warehouses, distribution centers, and delivery methods), the company invested heavily in large walk-in retail outlets in the recent years, its former employees say. In total, the company used to have about a dozen of retail locations in Canada, all of which were expensive to run.

Since NCIX remains a privately-owned entity, it does not show its financial results to the public, so it is unclear how much money it earned and how much money it lost in the recent years. What is known is that NCIX has been shutting down its walk-in outlets since July and then in September it announced a restructuring plan under which it would focus on online sales. On November 30, the firm closed down its last retail store and on December 1 it filed for bankruptcy with the Supreme Court of British Columbia, under File Number 170816. The website of the Supreme Court does not offer any details about the insolvency but reveals that Bowra Group will manage the procedure.

At press time, NCIX’s website was up, but it is hard to recommend to make purchases from a retailer that is in the midst of insolvency. At present, it is unknown what is going to happen to the online store and to the brand.

Sources: NCIX, CSO, LinusTechTips.



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  • Qasar - Tuesday, December 5, 2017 - link

    im glad to see NCIX go too... bought a power supply from them, only cause no one else was open at the time, turned out to be defective, and well.. after spending 2 hrs there and being personally insulted, before i got my replacement.. i took my PSU, mentioned quite loudly how the customer service was, and left.. seems a few other customers left too right after i did.. and never went back to that place.. horrid place to shop... bout time they went under Reply
  • GlassDeviant - Wednesday, December 6, 2017 - link

    I used to buy a lot from NCIX, but always online. I didn't even know they had retail outlets. This totally blindsided me when I saw it on Linus Tech Tips.

    But...considering that a considerably large portion of the retail market has moved to online purchasing, who in their right mind is opening retail outlets now?
  • Sureshot324 - Thursday, December 7, 2017 - link

    Their retail stores were basically a drop off location for their website. Nothing was ever in stock so you still had to order online and wait for it to arrive. That defeats the whole convenience advantage that retail stores have. I buy most of my PC components at Canada Computers and they have almost everything in stock in at least one store in my city.

    Also their website is very dated and painful to navigate.
  • ronnbot - Friday, December 8, 2017 - link

    This is unfortunate. I've built many systems by getting parts from NCIX. Prices were always competitive and being able to pick up from a local store was convenient and fast.

    Only got wind of this when I wanted to get stuff on Black Friday and couldn't have it picked up from a location near my house.

    That said, having all these retail store aren't sustainable, and their online store haven't really seen much changes over the years.
  • Lolimaster - Monday, April 2, 2018 - link

    NCIX was a victim of the land bubble hell that is canada right now and also using intel and not AMD so they get better profits :D Reply

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