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AMD sent out evaluation systems with a beta copy of Windows XP 64-bit Edition, and if you remember back several months the alleged point of delaying the Athlon 64's launch was to coincide with the release of Windows XP 64-bit Edition. From what we're hearing, although a beta of the OS will be available very soon, the final release will not be until Q1 2004.

We managed to do some 32-bit performance testing on the 64-bit Edition of Windows XP, however out of our entire benchmark suite - only one test would complete and that test was actually slower under Win64. The latest build of the beta is supposed to have better performance, but for now don't expect 64-bit Windows to be a reality. Without application support, the 64-bit "experience" is quite anticlimactic. We browsed the web in 64-bit Internet Explorer for a while before rebooting the system and getting some work done in 32-bit Windows.

The story is much different under Linux, where we managed to run tests under Red Hat Enterprise 2.9.5WS (Taroon), also a beta release. We will talk more about our results under Linux later in the article.

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  • Anonymous User - Tuesday, September 23, 2003 - link

    That's all ?
  • wecv - Monday, August 14, 2017 - link


    I am from the future and I am here to tell you that AMD failed so hard in 2012 with bulldozer yet intel made a huge success with Sandybridge

    Where is your god now amdrones?

    But don't worry guys... in 2017 AMD made a huge success with Ryzen which is a cheap awesome 8 core with SMT which is kinda similar to the HT you know with the Pentium 4 HT but don't you worry guys! it's much better so you get 8 lovely cores and 16 threads

    Where is your god now shintel boys?

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