With all the upcoming fun going on with AMD, Intel has not been sitting around.  As the title implies, IDF (Intel Developer Forum) kicked off yesterday with some pretty big news.  Not only did Intel announce their new Pentium 4 Extreme Edition processor, but new announcements such as Prescott die sizes have spurred a renewed interest in the consumer.  As you may have read, Pentium 4 Extreme Edition is the same 3.2GHz 800FSB P4 from before, but with an additional 2MB of L3 cache.  For most of us, this additional boost in cache size really wont matter.  However, if you use your machine as a render station, or perhaps excessive amounts of MATLAB, the 2MB cache will boost performance significantly.

P4EE will probably take about 30 days before showing up on our price guides, so we doubt its announcement will start affecting prices yet.  One thing we have noticed is the upward trend in prices for all 533FSB processors.  There was a similar correction back when 533FSB replaced 400FSB, so this was expected.  800FSB processors continue to drop a buck or two per week, and will eventually price the same as 533FSB solutions.  When P4EE finally does hit store shelves, insiders speculate it will cost about $740 in quantities of 1000.  Considering this would price the processor $150 over the already expensive P4 3.2GHz, it is going to be a hard purchase to justify.  Inevitably, prices of the 3.2GHz and 3.0GHz P4 will be affected.

Don’t forget to check our RealTime Price Guides.  We recently added VIA’s EPIA line to our processing lineup!  Stay tuned for our Computex as there will undoubtedly be more announcements on the EPIA and C3 line.

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  • Anonymous User - Thursday, September 18, 2003 - link

    You could have gotten the motherboard Evan gave the Editors Choice to for $79, the EPoX 8RDA+


  • DBaron - Thursday, September 18, 2003 - link

    Whats wrong with the Nforce single channel boards? I was all set to buy a Soltek NV400, till I read this article. It seems like a good mobo for the price , and its fairly inexpensive too...76 at new egg. Is there something I am missing? Reply
  • Anonymous User - Thursday, September 18, 2003 - link

    geez can anyone say WHEN the 9800XT NDA will lift or is that NDA too. >:( Reply
  • KristopherKubicki - Thursday, September 18, 2003 - link

    #3: We will add some more 9800 NP cards. They didnt really dissappear, just resellers all decided to reorganize their SKUs are the same time.

    KT600 and nForce2 are priced about the same and perform about the same. Dual Channel memory is the largest difference between the two. If it doesnt cost you anything more, why not?

  • Anonymous User - Thursday, September 18, 2003 - link

    R9800 (non pro) is becoming widely available and should not be replaced by R9800SE becauase that's a cut down garbage version that should not be allowed to bear the R9800 name...

    A question on the article. Why stress the fact that The KT600 boards are single channel, when dual channel does so very little for SocketA boards in general? When looking at practical performance it basically doe not do much good at all. I'm objecting because so many people looking for motherboards believe the myth that dual channel is an important feature. Don't keep it alive.
  • Anonymous User - Thursday, September 18, 2003 - link

    I thought the 9800np were pretty much OEM cards like for Dell, etc? I didn't think the 9800np was nearly as common as the 9700np, 9500np, etc...

    I imagine the 9800SE will replace the non pro though.
  • Anonymous User - Thursday, September 18, 2003 - link

    No comment about the disappearance of the ATI 9800 non-pro cards? Reply

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