12:51PM EDT - Taking place today is Google's annual I/O developer conference. Starting things off as always is the keynote, where we should receive updates on several Google technologies, initiaitves, and other Google-centric projects

12:51PM EDT - Android O will obviously be a big focus

12:52PM EDT - Android Wear and Android TV are also good bets

12:52PM EDT - I'd also be surprised if we don't see something hardware related, though that could be just about anything

12:54PM EDT - So far Wi-Fi is behaving, and the weather is clear, if a bit chilly in the shadows. So we should be in for a good show

12:56PM EDT - This is the second year Google has held their event out at Mountain View's Shortline Amphitheater; it still remains a rather unique event

12:58PM EDT - The keynote is scheduled to start at 10am, so we should be getting underway in a few minutes

01:01PM EDT - And here we go

01:03PM EDT - Google is opening things up with an animated trailer

01:06PM EDT - Now on stage is Sundar Pichai

01:06PM EDT - Over 7000 people here

01:06PM EDT - There are a further 400 remote events

01:07PM EDT - Over one billion active Google users per month

01:08PM EDT - Android has crossed 2 billion active devices just this week

01:09PM EDT - Keep in mind there's only 7.5 billion people in the first place

01:09PM EDT - Sundar is now talking about Google's heavy investment in machine learning

01:10PM EDT - Smart Reply is being rolled out to Gmail users today

01:10PM EDT - First subject: voice

01:11PM EDT - Google's voice dictation word error rate is down to 4.9%, which is down from 6.1% just in the last 6 months

01:11PM EDT - Discussing how machine learning has allowed the Google Home device to use 2 microphones instead of 8, and still get good voice recognition accuracy

01:12PM EDT - Image recognition has similarly improved

01:12PM EDT - Google says their vision error rate is now lower than the human error rate

01:13PM EDT - New Google initiative being announced today: Google Lens

01:13PM EDT - Will ship first in Google Assistant and Photos

01:14PM EDT - Using image recognition to do smart things with information in photos. IDing flowers, inputting the SSID of a WiFi router, etc

01:15PM EDT - Google is rethinking their computational architecture and data centers. Google wants to build AI-first datacenters

01:15PM EDT - The core of this is Google's Tensor Processing Units, which they started using last year

01:15PM EDT - Now recapping machine learning training versus inference

01:16PM EDT - Google's TPU was optimized for inference. Training requires greater precision

01:16PM EDT - Google is announcing their second-generation TPU today, the Cloud TPU

01:16PM EDT - 180 TFLOPS per Cloud TPU chip. 4 chips per board

01:17PM EDT - Cloud TPUs are coming to the Google Compute Engine as of today

01:17PM EDT - These new TPUs are optimized for inference and training, implying that they operate at greater precision

01:18PM EDT - Google's AI efforts will be coming together under the Google.ai umbrella

01:18PM EDT - Research, tools, and applied AI

01:19PM EDT - Now discussing AutoML: using neural nets to design better neural nets

01:19PM EDT - "Learning to learn

01:20PM EDT - Now discussing applications for AI such as digital pathology

01:22PM EDT - Google also has projects for DNA sequencing, chemistry, and drawing assistance tools

01:23PM EDT - Now on to Google Assistant

01:23PM EDT - Recapping it, rolling a demo video

01:24PM EDT - Now on stage: Scott Huffman

01:24PM EDT - Google Assistant is now available on 100M devices

01:26PM EDT - Google wants to further improve the conversational abilities of Google Assistant

01:26PM EDT - Google is adding the ability to type to the assistant starting today

01:27PM EDT - Further down the line, Google will be rolling out Lens for Assistant, allowing it to talk about what it's seeing

01:28PM EDT - Combining Word Lens image translation with more standard Assistant natural language queries

01:29PM EDT - Also new: Google Assistant is now available on the iPhone

01:30PM EDT - This is part of a larger effort to get it into more devices

01:30PM EDT - Google is rolling out an Assistant SDK to allow product developers to add Assistant to their products

01:31PM EDT - Starting this summer, the Assistant will be available in German, French, and several other languages

01:32PM EDT - Now on stage: Valerie Nygaard

01:32PM EDT - Valerie is here to talk about how developers have been adding features to Google Assistant

01:32PM EDT - Actions on Google

01:33PM EDT - Starting today, Actions on Google will be supporting transactions

01:33PM EDT - Account creation, ordering/purchasing products, and more

01:33PM EDT - Demoing ordering food via Google Assistant on a phone

01:34PM EDT - Payment by fingerprint (Google Payments, I'd assume)

01:35PM EDT - Now on stage: Rishi Chandra

01:35PM EDT - Rishi is here with news about Google Home

01:36PM EDT - Launching in Canada, Australia, France, Germany, and Japan this summer

01:36PM EDT - 4 new features to be rolled out over the coming months

01:36PM EDT - 1) Proactive assistance

01:37PM EDT - Google will be starting simple, and it will have multiple user support

01:37PM EDT - 2) Hands-free calling for Google Home

01:38PM EDT - You can call any landline or mobile number in the US or Canada for free

01:38PM EDT - (If this isn't a prime example of how cheap VoIP to POTS has become, I don't know what is)

01:39PM EDT - Will be rolling out over the next few months

01:39PM EDT - Also, you can dial out using your personal number

01:40PM EDT - 3) Entertainment. Spotify's subscription and free services will be available on Home. SoundCloud and Deezer as well

01:40PM EDT - Bluetooth support is also coming

01:41PM EDT - 4) Today Google is announcing support for visual responses with Google Home

01:42PM EDT - Google Home can notify your phone (iOS or Android) and TVs via Chromecast

01:43PM EDT - Continuing to demo TV-related functionality

01:43PM EDT - Playing YouTube videos, showing the weather, etc

01:44PM EDT - Also integrates with Google's recently launched YouTube TV service

01:45PM EDT - Now on stage: Anil Sabharwal

01:45PM EDT - The next subject is Google Photos

01:46PM EDT - Recapping Google Photos advancements in the last couple of years

01:46PM EDT - 1.2 billion photos and videos are being uploaded each day

01:46PM EDT - Google is launching 3 new features for Photos

01:47PM EDT - 1) Suggested sharing

01:48PM EDT - Google will suggest photos to share, and who to share them with

01:48PM EDT - Photos will have a new "sharing" tab

01:49PM EDT - Demoing the feature

01:49PM EDT - Photos will send photos via SMS or email if the recipient doesn't have a Google Photos account

01:50PM EDT - 2) Shared Libraries

01:51PM EDT - Share part or all of your libraries with others

01:53PM EDT - Demoing how library sharing works and how it can be set to auto-save certain photos

01:55PM EDT - The new sharing features will be rolling out in the coming weeks

01:55PM EDT - 3) Photo Books

01:56PM EDT - It will now be possible to make photo books on the Photos application, with an emphasis on making it easy

01:56PM EDT - Demoing the feature now

01:57PM EDT - Google will be making the books; they offer softcover and hardcover books

01:57PM EDT - In the future, Google will be adding machine learning into the mix to suggest photo book compositions

01:58PM EDT - Photo books are available today on the website, and next week on the mobile apps

01:58PM EDT - Everyone at I/O will be receiving a free hardcover photo book

01:59PM EDT - Finally, Google Lens is being added to Google Photos

02:00PM EDT - IDing items in photos, etc

02:01PM EDT - Up next: YouTube news

02:02PM EDT - Now on stage: Susan Wojcicki

02:04PM EDT - YouTube has passed 1B hours/day viewed

02:05PM EDT - (So far this is more promotional than announcing anything new)

02:06PM EDT - Over 60% of watch time is now on mobile devices

02:07PM EDT - But living room viewing is the fastest growing segment

02:07PM EDT - Now on stage: Sarah Ali

02:08PM EDT - Google is adding support for 360 degree videos on the TV YouTube application

02:09PM EDT - Demoing controlling a 360 degree view using a TV remote

02:09PM EDT - (Looks like an NVIDIA Shield TV controller)

02:10PM EDT - Now on stage: Barbara Macdonald

02:11PM EDT - Barbara is here to discuss Google's Super Chat feature, which actually launched earlier this year

02:11PM EDT - Demoing Super Chat

02:13PM EDT - Google is adding a new API feature to Super Chat to allow Super Chat to trigger device actions

02:15PM EDT - (This water balloon stunt is cringey)

02:17PM EDT - Now on stage: Dave Burke to talk about Android

02:18PM EDT - (2 Billion active devices; I have to wonder how many of them are up to date on security patches...)

02:18PM EDT - The 2B number is just phones and tablets, BTW

02:18PM EDT - Dave is currently recapping recent efforts. Android Wear, Android Auto, etc

02:20PM EDT - 82B apps and games installed via the Play Store in the last year

02:20PM EDT - Now focusing on Android O

02:20PM EDT - Release later this summer

02:21PM EDT - Dave is going to walk us through two themes that Google wants to focus on

02:21PM EDT - 1) Fluid Experiences

02:22PM EDT - Multitasking on Android O: Picture-in-picture on a phone

02:23PM EDT - Notification dots: a dot on the icon for an app to indicate that an app has a notification

02:24PM EDT - All fully automatic, without developers having to do extra

02:24PM EDT - Autofill with Google: autofill has been extended to apps

02:24PM EDT - Auto fill usernames, passwords, etc

02:25PM EDT - Copy & paste: smart text selection

02:25PM EDT - On device machine learning to intelligently automatically select text based on context

02:25PM EDT - Select a whole name at once, etc

02:26PM EDT - Announcing TensorFlowLite

02:27PM EDT - TFL will be leveraging a new API for neural network hardware

02:27PM EDT - The neural network will be made avaialble to O later this year

02:27PM EDT - 2) Vitals

02:28PM EDT - Vitals is focused on core functionality like security, performance, and battery life

02:28PM EDT - 3 foundational building blocks: security enhancements, OS optimizations, and developer tools

02:29PM EDT - Google is going to make their Google Play store security features more obvious

02:29PM EDT - Google Play Protect

02:29PM EDT - Letting users know the app has been scanned

02:29PM EDT - OS optimizations: faster boot time

02:30PM EDT - O will be adding limits to background execution

02:30PM EDT - Play Console Dashboards, to help developers see what problems users are happening

02:31PM EDT - Having

02:31PM EDT - One more thing

02:32PM EDT - Google is adding a new programming language to Android

02:32PM EDT - Kotlin

02:32PM EDT - Fully ART compatible, and interops with existing Android apps

02:33PM EDT - A ton more features they aren't going into right now, such as Project Treble

02:33PM EDT - First Android O beta out today

02:33PM EDT - But wait, there's more

02:34PM EDT - Now on stage: Sameer Samat

02:34PM EDT - Sameer is here to talk more about Android

02:35PM EDT - How do we get smartphones to more people and more of the world?

02:35PM EDT - Annoucning the successor to the Android One program, Android Go

02:36PM EDT - Android Go focuses on 3 things: optimized OS for low-end devices, smaller built-in apps, and a Play Store that highlights suitable apps (though all apps are accessible)

02:36PM EDT - For phones with 1GB or less of RAM

02:36PM EDT - Go devices can run with as little as 512MB

02:37PM EDT - Quick settings will include data usage information

02:37PM EDT - Chrome Data Saver will be on by default

02:38PM EDT - YouTube Go: a version of the app optimized for Android Go

02:38PM EDT - Save videos to watch them later. Peer-to-peer sharing of saved videos

02:40PM EDT - Improved keyboard tools for typing in other scripts

02:40PM EDT - "Building for Billions" best practices for Android Go

02:41PM EDT - Useful offline state, sub-10MB APK size, and better performance through GCM

02:41PM EDT - Starting with O, all 1GB or less devices will get the Go configuration

02:41PM EDT - And all devices will eventually have a Go configuration

02:42PM EDT - Now on stage: Clay Bavor to talk about AR and VR

02:43PM EDT - LG's next flagship phone will support Daydream

02:43PM EDT - Samsung GS8/GS8+ will add Daydream support this summer

02:44PM EDT - Daydream will now support stand-alone headsets as well

02:44PM EDT - (Qualcomm has been pushing this idea particularly hard)

02:45PM EDT - WorldSense tracking technology

02:45PM EDT - Inside-out tracking from the device

02:45PM EDT - Google will be taking a platform approach for standalone Daydream devices

02:46PM EDT - Working with Qualcomm, of course. Also working with HTC and Lenovo on headsets

02:46PM EDT - Standalone devices later this year

02:46PM EDT - Update on Project Tango

02:47PM EDT - The second generation Tango phone will be the Asus Zenfone AR, which will go on sale later this summer

02:48PM EDT - Visual Positioning Service

02:48PM EDT - The phone finds its place by looking around and identifying visual markers

02:49PM EDT - CV meets positioning

02:49PM EDT - Adding a new AR mode to Google Expeditions for education

02:51PM EDT - And back to Sundar

02:53PM EDT - Sundar is sharing a developer story on TensorFlow

02:53PM EDT - Rolling a vido

02:56PM EDT - New initiative: Google for Jobs

02:56PM EDT - Job listing/matching service

02:57PM EDT - New search feature to help people find job postings

02:58PM EDT - Google's worked with all of the major job listing services

02:58PM EDT - Filtering jobs by type, hours, etc

02:59PM EDT - Addressing jobs of every skill and experience level

02:59PM EDT - Rolling out in the US in the coming weeks

03:00PM EDT - Recap time

03:00PM EDT - Google's shift from mobile-first to AI-first

03:00PM EDT - And that's a wrap



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  • Cliff34 - Thursday, May 18, 2017 - link

    Strange. Doesn't work on my s7 edge. Got one more issue with Google assistant, they now play music online instead of playing those stored in my phone. Reply
  • carldon - Thursday, May 18, 2017 - link

    Unlock by voice is disabled on Samsung phones. Not sure if its a Samsung thing or Google thing but Note 5 on At&t here with a fingerprint signin wont let me unlock via voice. Oddly enough I can hear the assistant tone when I say Ok Google from the lock screen. Reply
  • fanofanand - Thursday, May 18, 2017 - link

    It's cool how much progress Google has been making, but if they want to actually improve the user experience they need to take over the updates from the carriers/manufacturers, and they need to mandate a minimum of 16Gb of storage space. My kids' tablet (Galaxy Tab A) only come with 8Gb and there are VERY few apps that can be put on an SD card. He can basically have one game downloaded at a time before he runs out of space. I think these are the two biggest issues facing the Android ecosystem today. It certainly isn't the lack of photo sharing ability. Reply
  • zodiacfml - Saturday, May 20, 2017 - link

    I found an article that mentions that Android Go is not a replacement for Android One. Android Go will be for the lowest end devices while the One for mid-range. I kinda wonder they have to make a distinction as it is mentioned above that all devices will eventually have an option for Android Go configuration. Reply
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    I have worth of snapchat account details at http://mysnaphack.com/ and this is going to be good for me here. Reply
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