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Agisoft Photoscan – 2D to 3D Image Manipulation: link

Agisoft Photoscan creates 3D models from 2D images, a process which is very computationally expensive. The algorithm is split into four distinct phases, and different phases of the model reconstruction require either fast memory, fast IPC, more cores, or even OpenCL compute devices to hand. Agisoft supplied us with a special version of the software to script the process, where we take 50 images of a stately home and convert it into a medium quality model. This benchmark typically takes around 15-20 minutes on a high end PC on the CPU alone, with GPUs reducing the time.

Agisoft PhotoScan Benchmark - Total Time

Cinebench R15

Cinebench is a benchmark based around Cinema 4D, and is fairly well known among enthusiasts for stressing the CPU for a provided workload. Results are given as a score, where higher is better.

Cinebench R15 - Single Threaded

Cinebench R15 - Multi-Threaded

HandBrake v0.9.9: link

For HandBrake, we take two videos (a 2h20 640x266 DVD rip and a 10min double UHD 3840x4320 animation short) and convert them to x264 format in an MP4 container.  Results are given in terms of the frames per second processed, and HandBrake uses as many threads as possible.

HandBrake v0.9.9 LQ Film

HandBrake v0.9.9 2x4K

Hybrid x265

Hybrid is a new benchmark, where we take a 4K 1500 frame video and convert it into an x265 format without audio. Results are given in frames per second.

Hybrid x265, 4K Video

Office and Web Performance Professional Performance on Linux


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  • hoohoo - Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - link

    Single thread performance lower than previous generation, but more cores. Sadly the price is totally out of line.

    I want to upgrade from an i7-3820, these things do offer the bang but the buck is definitely missing.
  • hoohoo - Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - link

    Shouldn't they be using their GTX 1080? The games do not seem to be CPU bound. Am I reading the charts wrong? Reply
  • pavag - Tuesday, May 31, 2016 - link

    "For $1721, [...] can invest in either the 14-core E5-2680 v4 [...] or get double the cores in a 2P system and using the E5-2640 v4 processor: a 10-core 2.4 GHz/3.4 "

    Ok. You said it, you own it.

    Do the benchmarks and compare. I actually need it.
  • Seekmore - Wednesday, June 1, 2016 - link

    Intel I7 6950x-Like it already? It is overpriced and is the most expensive in the history of processors till the date. An excellent Processor with excellent performance calculated for its price and features it supports. One of the fastest processor ranking high in the category.
    Get other details of Intel I7 6950x Extreme Edition to find out why is everybody looking for it..
  • Spunjji - Wednesday, June 1, 2016 - link

    I saw the prices and threw up a little in my mouth. This is market capitalism at its nadir :( Reply
  • Spunjji - Wednesday, June 1, 2016 - link

    ...specifically with respect to the tech industry, obviously - didn't to be that hyperbolic. Reply
  • stimudent - Wednesday, June 1, 2016 - link

    I just need to do my banking and watch porn. 56 cores should do the trick. Reply
  • Gothmoth - Thursday, June 2, 2016 - link

    multitasking is the word.

    i use lightroom, photoshop, autopano giga at the same time very often.. every core helps.
    or i render out a video with premiere while i edit a composition in after effects.
  • iGigaflop - Thursday, June 2, 2016 - link

    I'll keep my 5820k i was kicking myself for not waiting 2 months for the 6800k but broadwell might be a little faster per clock but it doesnt overclock as good as haswell. I run my 5820k at 4.7 at 1.313 volts i think mine in a great overclocker and it never goes above mid 70c. But for everyday use i keep it at 4.2 and it stays around 50c. Im using a h100v2 and a cm storm stryker case. I think pretty much every 5820k should go 4.3-4.5ghz. And im running it off a asus x99 deluxe board. I just hope they keep the x99 v3 socket for skylake e. Reply
  • Jackie60 - Friday, June 3, 2016 - link

    Why do you bother with the pointless GPU limited benchmarks-it's a total waste of time and effort and tell us nothing. Reply

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