Project Tango

Computer vision and sensing are crucial for cars, robots, drones and many other applications. However, existing devices such as personal computers or mobile gadgets can also take advantage of such technologies . Intel, Google and Lenovo introduced their new smartphones that feature either RealSense or project Tango sensors, which can scan volumetric objects as well as detect motions and gestures. The smartphones are compatible with Google’s project Tango technology and are designed for developers of software as well as enthusiasts, who would like to experiment with computer vision. Google Tango and Intel RealSense Google’s project Tango and Intel’s RealSense have a lot in common, but they are not exactly the same thing. Intel’s RealSense started like a way to enable better interaction between computers and humans...

Google and Qualcomm Partner To Make A Project Tango Smartphone

Project Tango is the name of Google's initiative to build smartphones and tablets with cameras and sensors that can be used to track its position in 3D space, and...

10 by Brandon Chester on 5/30/2015

Google Announces Project Tango Tablet Dev Kit with Tegra K1 and 3D Capture/Tracking

Google recently announced their new Project Tango Development Kit, a 7" tablet with a unique twist. At present this is a device for developers, scientists, and other research-oriented groups...

33 by Jarred Walton on 6/5/2014

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