The next generation of 3D NAND—with 64 or more layers—has not yet hit the shelves, but it's getting closer. Toshiba and Western Digital announced their first mainstream client SSDs with 3D NAND recently at Computex. Micron and SK Hynix shouldn't be too far behind with their new generations of 3D NAND and mainstream SSDs based on them. As these flash manufacturers reach full production capacity of their new 3D NAND, the ongoing NAND shortage should begin to lift and SSD prices will stop climbing. However, none of these new SSDs are in stores yet, so this edition of the guide doesn't bring any major changes. If you are considering making a significant investment in a large or high-performance SSD, consider waiting until the fall when...

Buyer's Guide - Mid-Range, October 2004

Our latest Mid-Range Buyer's Guide puts a focus on getting the most out of your money. We offer basic recommendations with some alternatives for those interested in content-creation...

54 by Jarred Walton on 10/21/2004

Price Guides October 2004: Optical and Magnetic Storage

Storage prices are on the rise again, much like many other PC components. Check to see if there are any bargains still left in this week's Price Guide.

2 by Adam Rader on 10/17/2004

Price Guides October 2004: Video and Memory

Video and memory prices continue to hover with no major drops or spikes over the last few weeks. Find out which products hold their spot for top pick...

6 by Adam Rader on 10/10/2004

Buyer's Guide - Entry Level, October 2004

We bring you the latest installment of our Buyer's Guide; this time, opting to include recommendations for Budget Office and Budget Gaming configurations.

53 by Jarred Walton on 10/6/2004

Price Guides October 2004: CPU and Motherboards

Athlon 64 and Intel's Socket 775 are continuing their push to the front. Find out which ones really stand out among a sea of choices.

4 by Adam Rader on 10/3/2004

Price Guides September 2004: Optical and Magnetic Storage

Storage media gets cheaper by the day. Find out which products give you the most storage capacity for your money.

4 by Adam Rader on 9/19/2004

Overclocking Buyer's Guide - September 2004

This month saw the introduction of a new Athlon 64 board that challenges our ideas of a top overclocking system. While most of the hot new OC technologies...

31 by Wesley Fink on 9/17/2004

Price Guides September 2004: Video and Memory

Memory prices seem to be stabilizing and the same goes for video. Find out which parts make this week's cut.

9 by Adam Rader on 9/12/2004

Price Guides September 2004: CPU and Motherboards

AMD price cuts are over now and things are leveling out. See what makes the cut this week for processors and motherboards.

4 by Adam Rader on 9/3/2004

High End Buyer's Guide - September 2004

The whirlwind is finally starting to settle on Socket 939, Socket 775, DDR2, and PCI Express, and you can actually buy most of the new gear. Our High...

53 by Wesley Fink on 8/30/2004

Price Guides End of August 2004: Optical and Magnetic Storage

Storage prices are inching their way back up as hot deals and promises of no rebate hassles dry up.

9 by Adam Rader on 8/27/2004

Buyer's Guide: Mid-Range System - August 2004

This week, we continue with our Buyer's Guides on mid-range systems this time around.

29 by Evan Lieb on 8/23/2004

Price Guides August 2004: Video and Memory

While DDR memory continues its upward price climb the video market from both NVIDIA and ATI seems to be producing more bang for your buck every day. See what...

6 by Kristopher Kubicki & Adam Rader on 8/21/2004

Price Guides August 2004: CPUs and Motherboards

More AMD price drops bring Athlon 64 into reach for almost everyone. Intel continues their launch of Socket 775, succesfully?

1 by Anand Shimpi & Cara Hamm on 8/13/2004

Weekly Buyer's Guide: Entry Level System - August 2004

This week, we continue with our Entry Level System Buyer's Guide.

30 by Anand Shimpi & Larry Barber on 8/9/2004

Doom 3 Buyer's Guide

We summarize what we have learned about Doom 3 in a Performance, Mainstream, and Value Buyer's Guide for Doom 3.

52 by Wesley Fink on 8/7/2004

Price Guides August 2004: Optical and Magnetic Storage

This week, we look over some of the latest options and recommendations for PATA, SATA and DVD storage choice.

3 by Adam Rader on 8/7/2004

Doom 3 Sound Guide

The newest game from id Software is chock-full of intense graphics, incredible graphics, and amazing programming. But what factor does sound hardware play in the Doom 3 gaming experience?

21 by Derek Wilson on 8/6/2004

Price Guides July 2004: Video Cards and Memory

ATI and NVIDIA's new offerings haven't changed video prices much, or have they? DDR prices continue to change... and not for the better.

3 by Vinney Shimpi on 7/30/2004

Overclocking Buyer's Guide - August 2004

Socket 939, Socket 775, DDR2, and PCI Express all debuted last month. With all the new choices, our Overclocking Buyer's Guide gets completely revamped recommendations from top to...

40 by Wesley Fink on 7/27/2004

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