This time last year we saw the launch of Radeon Crimson. This was AMD’s big attempt to state that a yearly cadence for software features was a good thing, and helped streamline the process for the number of initiatives that AMD participates in when it comes to GPUs. This year the update is called ‘Crimson ReLive’, and features a number of updates such as integrating the professional aspect of Radeon Pro into the cadence, a push towards VR features, and additional elements to gamers/streamers and even screen recording for professional software.

AMD Teases Radeon RX 480: Launching June 29th For $199

Kicking off at this moment is AMD’s Computex 2016 keynote. The company has multiple announcements scheduled this evening, but we’re going to jump right into an area that has...

377 by Ryan Smith on 5/31/2016

Computex 2016: AMD Press Conference Live Blog

I'm here at the Westin Taipei for AMDs Computex Press Conference. We've just posted some news, and we get to hear some more!

29 by Ian Cutress on 5/31/2016

HSA 1.1 Specification Launched: Extending HSA to More Vendors & Processor Types

For the last few years now we have been keeping tabs on the development of the Heterogeneous System Architecture, a set of technical standards and an associated instruction language...

6 by Ryan Smith on 5/31/2016

ARM Unveils Next Generation Bifrost GPU Architecture & Mali-G71: The New High-End Mali

Amidst the backdrop of Computex 2016 and alongside their new Cortex-A73 CPU, ARM is announcing their next generation GPU architecture, Bifrost. A significant update to ARM’s GPU architecture, Bifrost...

57 by Ryan Smith on 5/30/2016

Computex 2016: ASUS Republic of Gamers 10 Year Press Conference

The final press event of the day - the annual Computex Republic of Gamers press conference. This year is ASUS' 10 year anniversary for ROG, and as part of...

8 by Ian Cutress & Billy Tallis on 5/29/2016

Zotac and EVGA Reveal Custom GeForce GTX 1080 Designs

A few weeks back we saw the announcement of NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1080. NVIDIA put the founders cards on sale first, with third-party cards set to be released later...

38 by Daniel Williams on 5/27/2016

AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.5.3

New technologies come along, new games release, things break, and developers fix them. As this cycle continues we are brought to this latest update from AMD which gives us...

10 by Daniel Williams on 5/24/2016

NVIDIA Releases 368.22 WHQL Game Ready Driver

As the news has been, new game releases means more driver updates. Alongside game ready support for more titles this week and a fix we also get a heads...

13 by Daniel Williams on 5/24/2016

AMD Announces Computex 2016 Webcast: May 31st, 7pm Pacific

With the annual Computex Taipei trade show quickly approaching, AMD sends word that they will be hosting a live webcast for their annual press conference at the show. The...

50 by Ryan Smith on 5/20/2016

NVIDIA Posts Full GeForce GTX 1070 Specifications: 1920 CUDA Cores Boosting to 1.68GHz

Back when NVIDIA first announced the GeForce GTX 1080 earlier this month, they also briefly announced that the GTX 1070 would be following it. The GTX 1070 would follow...

137 by Ryan Smith on 5/18/2016

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Preview: A Look at What's to Come

Earlier this month NVIDIA announced their latest generation flagship GeForce card, the GeForce GTX 1080. Based on their new Pascal architecture and built on TSMC’s 16nm FinFET process, the...

262 by Ryan Smith on 5/17/2016

AMD Quietly Unveils Radeon M400 Series: Starting With Rebadges

As our long-time readers are keenly aware, the product cycles followed by PC OEMs and ODMs for their laptops and desktops are rarely perfectly in sync with the development...

49 by Ryan Smith on 5/14/2016

NVIDIA Announces Q1 FY 2017 Results: Strong Growth In All Segments

Much of the PC industry has been reporting less than strong results, with declines in PC unit sales leading to lower earnings for many of the big players such...

36 by Brett Howse on 5/12/2016

Micron Confirms Mass Production of GDDR5X Memory

Micron Technology this week confirmed that it had begun mass production of GDDR5X memory. As revealed last week, the first graphics card to use the new type of graphics...

59 by Anton Shilov on 5/12/2016

NVIDIA Announces the GeForce GTX 1000 Series: GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 Arrive In May & June

After many months of speculation – and more than a little anticipation – at an event in Austin, Texas this evening, NVIDIA announced the next generation of GeForce video...

234 by Ryan Smith on 5/7/2016

NVIDIA To Hold Special GeForce Livestream On May 6th at 6pm Pacific

NVIDIA has announced via their website and Twitter feed that the company will be holding a special GeForce livestream this week. The event be broadcast on NVIDIA’s Twitch channel. NVIDIA...

45 by Ryan Smith on 5/5/2016

NVIDIA Releases 365.10 WHQL Game Ready Driver

With more game releases and open betas coming down the pipe this spring, driver developers are getting busy preparing our graphics cards for the new games. This time NVIDIA...

7 by Daniel Williams on 5/3/2016

NVIDIA & Samsung Settle All Patent Infringement Disputes

Roughly a year and a half ago, NVIDIA opened up a patent infringement case against Samsung and Qualcomm, claiming that the various GPUs used by the two firms violated...

36 by Ryan Smith on 5/2/2016

AMD Releases Radeon Pro Duo: Dual Fiji, 350W, $1500

These recent years we have seen a slow but steady buildup of VR from both technological developments to growing enthusiasm shown by consumers and the industry. Today AMD is...

63 by Daniel Williams on 4/26/2016

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