Amidst the backdrop of Computex 2016 and alongside their new Cortex-A73 CPU, ARM is announcing their next generation GPU architecture, Bifrost. A significant update to ARM’s GPU architecture, Bifrost will first be deployed in ARM’s Mali-G71 GPU. Today we're taking a look at the Bifrost architecture and Mali-G71 to better understand the changes ARM has made. With a shift over from an ILP-centric design to a TLP-centric design, Bifrost marks a major change in ARM's GPU architecture, and will help ARM prepare its GPUs for future graphics and compute workloads.

AMD 2014 GPU Product Showcase Live Blog

We're seated for the start of AMD's 2014 GPU product showcase. We're expecting to see new GPUs from AMD, along with updates on Crossfire, Eyefinity, and AMD's Linux driver efforts.

60 by Ryan Smith & Anand Lal Shimpi on 9/25/2013

NVIDIA Pledges Help On Open Source Linux GPU Driver Development

In what’s quickly becoming a big week for Linux, word comes from Ars Technica today that NVIDIA has quietly announced their intent to help with the development of open...

18 by Ryan Smith on 9/24/2013

AMD Offers A Taste Of Tomorrow’s GPU Showcase

We’re here at Kapolei, Hawaii in preparation for tomorrow’s AMD product showcase. While the bulk of AMD’s announcements will be centered around that and NDA sessions to follow, AMD...

30 by Ryan Smith on 9/24/2013

Capsule Review: EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Superclocked ACX

Today we’ll be taking a quick look at EVGA’s GeForce GTX 780 Superclocked ACX. A twist on tradition card for EVGA, the 780SC ACX is the company’s standard first-tier...

42 by Ryan Smith on 9/22/2013

NVIDIA GeForce 327.23 WHQL Drivers Now Available

After last month’s release of their 326.80 beta drivers, NVIDIA’s R325 driver branch has finally reached WHQL certification with today's release of driver version 327.23. For those of you on...

20 by Ryan Smith on 9/19/2013

AMD Announces 2014 GPU Product Showcase Webcast: Sept. 25, 3pm EDT

Picking up from where we left off this morning, AMD has unveiled their plans for their next GPU tech day, including plans for a product showcase webcast. AMD’s GPU 2014...

14 by Ryan Smith on 9/18/2013

AMD Teases Next Enthusiast GPU: Still 28nm, 23% Smaller Than GK110

Rumors aside, after AMD’s unexpected preview of their 2013 GPU plans back at the start of this year the company has been mum-as-usual on the matter of their future...

49 by Ryan Smith on 9/18/2013

Saints Row IV Added to AMD’s Never Settle Forever Gold Tier

AMD sends word this morning that they are making the first of their planned additions to their recently announced Never Settle Forever bundle program. Previously launched in August, Never...

3 by Ryan Smith on 9/10/2013

AMD Catalyst 13.10 Beta Drivers Released

AMD has released another set of Catalyst beta drivers for their GPUs, this time ratcheting the version number up to 13.10. Catalyst 13.10 is a continuation of last month’s Catalyst...

5 by Ryan Smith on 9/9/2013

Analyzing the Price of Mobility: Desktops vs. Laptops

Computers have been getting faster over the years, and with the increased performance we eventually passed the point where most systems were “fast enough” and the various features and...

110 by Jarred Walton on 9/7/2013

NVIDIA Announces Fall GeForce Game Bundles - Batman: Arkham Origins & New Free-To-Play

NVIDIA sends word this morning that they’re launching a new GeForce video card game bundle for the late-summer/early-fall timeframe. This time around NVIDIA is partnering with WB Games to...

13 by Ryan Smith on 8/30/2013

NVIDIA 326.80 Beta Drivers Available – Splinter Cell: Blacklist Ready

NVIDIA is pretty good about staying on top of the latest releases with updated drivers, and today is no different. Building from the current 326.41 Beta release, today’s 326.80...

4 by Jarred Walton on 8/20/2013

Apple Initiates Video Card Replacement Program for Radeon HD 6970M Equipped Mid-2011 27” iMacs

In a somewhat baffling piece of news this weekend, word comes that Apple has initiated an internal replacement program for the video cards on some of their mid-2011 27&rdquo...

46 by Ryan Smith on 8/17/2013

AMD Announces Never Settle Forever Bundle, Introduces Selectable Rewards

With AMD’s existing Never Settle Reloaded bundle set to wind-down this summer, AMD is announcing this morning that they are once again refreshing their popular Never Settle bundle program...

23 by Ryan Smith on 8/14/2013

AMD's Radeon HD 7990 Gets an Official Price Cut: $799 and Below

We don’t typically run pipeline stories on video card price cuts, but then again most price cuts are gradual affairs that even the manufacturers themselves rarely draw attention to...

34 by Ryan Smith on 8/7/2013

Android 4.3 update for Nexus 10 and 4 removes unofficial OpenCL drivers

We had previously reported that Android 4.2 firmwares for Nexus 10 and Nexus 4 were found to contain OpenCL drivers. The drivers were an internal implementation detail and not...

13 by Rahul Garg on 8/1/2013

Happy 20th Birthday Second Reality

Every so often I get asked about what caused me to be interested in GPUs, and consequently how I ended up at AnandTech. The answer to either of those...

27 by Ryan Smith on 8/1/2013

AMD Frame Pacing Explored: Catalyst 13.8 Brings Consistency to Crossfire

In the continuing saga of AMD's efforts to improve their framerate consistency, back in March AMD set a deadline of this summer to deliver their first driver implementing advanced...

102 by Ryan Smith on 8/1/2013

NVIDIA Demonstrates Logan SoC: < 1W Kepler, Shipping in 1H 2014, More Energy Efficient than A6X?

Ever since its arrival in the ultra mobile space, NVIDIA hasn't really flexed its GPU muscle. The Tegra GPUs we've seen thus far have been ok at best, and...

141 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 7/24/2013

NVIDIA Announces Quadro K6000

As SIGGRAPH 2013 continues to roll on, today’s major announcements include those from NVIDIA. SIGGRAPH is NVIDIA’s favored show for professional graphics and Quadro product announcements, with NVIDIA using...

22 by Ryan Smith on 7/23/2013

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